Essential Camping Supplies, Beyond a Tent and Sleeping Bag

If you are dreaming of that camping trip which you can take once this quarantine blows over then now is the perfect time to get yourself armed with some essential accessories which you can use during your trip. We are going to assume that you have the tent and the sleeping bag covered and instead look at some handy accessories which will help you to enjoy yourself more and which will ensure that you are covered for all eventualities. Let’s take a look then at some of our top picks for your next camping trip.

Coffee Maker

If you are looking for the best camping coffee makers then one of the best choices is the Aeropress, light, portable and makes a great cup of coffee. Home comforts are nice to have when you go camping and a cup of high quality coffee is just that. Given the impracticality of coffee percolators and machines, the Aeropress is a great alternative.

Never Fail Match

There are a number of options on the market for these eternal or forever matches and they make life so easy when you got camping. Taking a lighter or matches can easily go wrong if there are high winds or heavy rain, which of course will prevent you from getting a fire going. These matches are made using metals which spark the flame, ensuring that you can get a fire going no matter what the elements are doing.

Head Torch

A torch is essential but it can be very tricky when you need both hands, which is why a head torch is a great option here. These are just the same price as a normal torch and you will be able to illuminate the space where you are looking or working, having both hands free.

Water Purification

If you are off to do some wild camping then you will need to ensure that you have some water purification tablets with you, or a straw which purifies the water. You never know when you may be able to refill a canister so this will allow you to safely drink lake or river water until you find another source. The hope is of course that you don’t need them, but camping is all about preparation.

First Aid

Things can and very often do go wrong when you are out and about camping and that is why a first aid kit will be something that comes in very handy indeed. This should be a bit more than a basic plasters and antiseptic first aid kit, and you will need things in there to treat burns, allergies, insect bites and something a little heavier duty to look after potential bone breaks and fractures, such as a sling. It is tough to strike a balance here between weight and an abundance of supplies, so aim to take as little liquids as possible, if you have a burn cream for example then take 250ml instead of a liter.

Load up on these essentials and when we are able to get out and about once again, you’ll be ready to go.