Universal Studios

The Three-Hour Challenge at Universal Studios

Okay, so you land in Singapore in the middle of the day ...
Italian Popular Gestures

The Art of Italian Sign Language

Everyone knows that the Italian language is the language of love. Who ...
The Amtrak Train

Exploring Cities by Train

The greatest way to discover a new place is to travel by ...
White Beach in Puerto Galera

To Visit: 3 Budget Beaches in the Philippines

When you talk about traveling to the Philippines, you surely should expect ...

3 Tips To Efficient Travel Packing

To some women (and men, too!) packing seems such a chore. But ...

The Downside to Traveling as a Girl

“Don’t get taken,” everyone from my aunt to my classmates jokingly warned ...

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5 Things to do in Bodrum

Bodrum is the ultimate holiday destination, offering the historic, the beautiful and the affordable all in one. These words rarely feature together when describing an ideal holiday, it’s no wonder Bodrum continues to be a firm favourite and return destination for thousands. As one of the Turkish tourism centres, flights to Bodrum are frequent, keeping […]

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Inject a little glamour into your next holiday

There’s nothing like adding a little glitz and glamour to your holiday to make it feel a bit more special. Of course, if you opt to go on a cruise, it tends to feel fairly special anyway – after all, this is a seriously stylish and luxurious way to travel. But that’s not to say […]

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All aboard: Travel by Train Across Europe

Travelling by train across Europe is without a shadow of a doubt the best way to see the place. I was used to taking a mix of buses, planes and trains before but now it’s a train every time if I am in Europe! Everyone that has travelled across Europe by train knows that it […]

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Berlin: A city of art

Berlin is a beguiling city with a disposition that is tough and gritty yet warm and inviting. This brilliant juxtaposition of moods is indicative of its rich, chaotic and unpredictable history; a sort of mystical space whose history still echoes loudly today. It has always been a cultural hotspot and irrespective of the hardships it […]

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Jet off with your Valentine to Majorca

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to start thinking about romance… And what better way to show your loved one you care, than organising a romantic break away? City break destinations like Paris, Venice and Bruges are very popular with couples, and are the iconic ‘romantic’ destinations, but if you want to tie it in […]

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What You Should Know When Travelling to Munich

When you visit Munich you’ll want to take in all of the top attractions and sights so that your holiday will be a complete experience and one that is memorable.  You can walk from many of the landmarks to the next one which makes getting around a simple task that is also beneficial to your […]

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Where to go for a weekend getaway with friends

If you’re planning a weekend away with your mates, a city break is a natural choice. After all, these give you loads of options when it comes to what to do, plus you can pretty much guarantee there’ll be some decent bars and clubs to hit. I think some cities are better for this kind […]

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Discover the secluded beaches of Lanzarote

Tourists cannot resist the lure of Lanzarote’s endless stretches of beach, which cover everything from golden, sandy terrain and dramatic cliff-faces to volcanic landscapes and bustling watersports resorts. While the secret may be out about some of the island’s beaches, there are tons of hidden gems that allow you to escape the crowds and lounge […]

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Celebs on a cruise? Yes please

Cruises are becoming progressively more affordable every month which is why they’ve never been as popular as they are now.  A 5* moving hotel room sounds pretty appealing of course, but how about if we spiced it up a little further and threw some celeb options into the mix? What then?   Our buddies at […]

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No Need to Fear: There Is Plenty of Art to Be Seen in Pretoria

Not everyone knows that Pretoria is actually one of the three or four most important cities in all of South Africa. It serves as the executive branch of the government, and many regard it in many ways as the real capital city. Many of the locals refer to it also by its nickname, which is […]

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