Universal Studios

The Three-Hour Challenge at Universal Studios

Okay, so you land in Singapore in the middle of the day ...
Italian Popular Gestures

The Art of Italian Sign Language

Everyone knows that the Italian language is the language of love. Who ...
The Amtrak Train

Exploring Cities by Train

The greatest way to discover a new place is to travel by ...
White Beach in Puerto Galera

To Visit: 3 Budget Beaches in the Philippines

When you talk about traveling to the Philippines, you surely should expect ...

3 Tips To Efficient Travel Packing

To some women (and men, too!) packing seems such a chore. But ...

The Downside to Traveling as a Girl

“Don’t get taken,” everyone from my aunt to my classmates jokingly warned ...

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South Africa’s Top Southern Safari Lodges

The Garden Route and Eastern Cape in South Africa go hand in hand when you’re planning a luxury holiday. Both offer the most wonderful driving routes through some of Africa’s most beautiful and scenic countryside and the Eastern Cape offers abundant wildlife and luxurious safari camps and lodges. Here you can really explore to your […]

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Why I fell in love with the Maldives

The Maldives is usually on everybody’s bucket list! We all dream of spending a week in luxury note room on stilts in the pristine sea that surrounds this magical island. I was fortunate enough to have a holiday with my girlfriend there recently, let me tell you that if it’s on your bucket list then […]

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Jamaica, New York: Staying Close to NYC on the Cheap

Jamaica is a neighborhood in Queens, New York, one of the five boroughs that make up New York City. Jamaica offers a range of budget-friendly hotel options, such as the Sheraton JFK Airport Hotel, that are close to the airport and other popular attractions. When visiting the New York City area, staying in Jamaica is a […]

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5 Tips In Order To Secure The Cheapest Flights Possible

In today’s economic climate – the big black recession cloud is hanging over our heads. We all want to get the cheapest flights that we can find and save money whenever we can. If you are left with no option but to book your flights at the very last minute, then these few tips might […]

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As the luxury safari industry in Africa has become more and more developed and has caught up with the luxury hotel industry in the rest of the world it has become par for the course for a luxury camp or lodge to have a pretty spectacular spa. This means clients can enjoy natural and authentic […]

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Mediterranean Countries You Should Visit Before You Settle Down

The Mediterranean coastline is a fantastic resource for anyone who wishes to go on an extended touring holiday. Most of the countries there, with a few obvious exceptions, are geared up for tourism.   The climate there is reliable so you can holiday with confidence in the summer. All of the countries have beautiful beaches, […]

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Top 3 Safari Spots to see Lion

Lions are a huge draw for anyone going on a luxury safari and we don’t blame them, these amazing creatures are so huge, so full of power and so daunting that they really do epitomize everything we know about Africa. To see them walking across the open plains with their pride, or with cubs, is […]

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Top 5 Ways Technology Can Make Travelling Easier

When many of us dream about escaping our everyday lives and travelling to exotic destinations, the majority will include leaving their technology addictions behind in those fantasies. However, if you can bear to log onto the internet or use a mobile phone every once in a while, there are some great ways in which technology […]

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Content Reef

Summer is here, and for many of us, that hopefully means vacation, travel, and relaxation. It’s no secret that people enjoy traveling in the summer for many reasons.  You can pack lighter, dress lighter, enjoy more outdoor activities, and generally have a freer, less encumbered vacation experience. Unless you make a habit of wintering in […]

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Easily Avoided Travel Nuisances  

When taking a trip for pleasure, there’s nothing a traveler likes less than being sidetracked or distracted from their long-awaited and well-deserved vacation by a small nuisance that threatens to swallow a day or more’s relaxation.  Here are some frequently encountered travel nuisances, along with some tips on how to avoid them. Gastric Distress: Let’s get […]

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