Living in Thailand as a Female

Thailand is a place that fascinates and attracts people from around the world for its food, culture, history and nature- it’s no wonder thousands of expats call it home! Like anywhere so different from the West, there is bound to be some culture shock- but for expat women there is a bit of a preconception that Thailand is a “man’s world”- for both foreigners and Thai men. Is it true, or just a myth? As a single American woman living in Thailand, I can give you my opinion on the matter!

First of all, Thailand is a vastly varied place, from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok to the rural villages, the islands to the mid-sized city of Chiang Mai. Wherever you go, (with the exception of some rural villages) you will find foreigners to be friends with, so that’s not a worry. Expats seem to stick together quite easily, so relationships are easily formed. Personally, I was given the myth that it’s nearly impossible to meet men as a single Western woman in Thailand- and this could not be farther from the truth. I’ve met plenty of friends- both male and female- and Western men aren’t just interested in the Thai ladies as I had assumed they would be! As long as you’re outgoing and try new things, you’ll have no problems meeting people in Thailand!

Now, what about safety? Actually, Thailand is quite safe for women, as long as you use common sense! Going out at night is just fine, and there are plenty of options for things to do in the cities! Try to avoid walking down any sketchy alleys at night alone- obviously, just like anywhere else! Really the only real “danger” I’ve come across so far is the many street dogs that are out at night- carry a rock just in case!

Living in Thailand is great for women because there are so many groups to join and ways to get involved with the community. My experience comes from living in Chiang Mai, but if you choose Bangkok you can multiply these options by a thousand! Join a volunteer program working with elephants or teaching English in a rural village. Take a Thai massage, Thai language or cooking class- then learn about Buddhism in a monk chat at a local temple. There are writer’s groups, artist groups, ultimate Frisbee groups…you name it! If you can’t find a group, start one!

If you like shopping, Thailand is your place. Everything is incredibly cheap compared to the West, and you’ll find amazing clothes, housewares, books, shoes and of course food at all of the local markets. Shopping here is a cultural experience in itself, and you don’t even have to feel guilty about spending the money because items cost about a quarter what they do in the West.

The opportunities to travel from Thailand are boundless, and as a woman, Southeast Asia is an incredibly safe place to travel. You’re bound to meet travel buddies during your time in Thailand, so book a bus or plane ticket to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia… and enjoy the great location of this wonderful country.

Have I mentioned the food and culture of Thailand? You probably don’t need me to tell you about it, as it’s surely on your list of reasons to come to Thailand in the first place. If you seek healthy, flavorful food and a wonderfully warm and open culture, then you can’t go wrong living in Thailand. If you enjoy cooking, pick up some great vegetables from the local market and learn how to cook Thai food from scratch- it may not be as easy as picking up delicious street food, but it’s so rewarding to create it yourself!

Thailand receives many worldwide visitors. However, because Australia is one of its major neighboring countries a lot of Aussies vacation in Thailand’s beaches. Krabi is one of the preferred holiday beaches.  It’s not only easy to find places to stay in Krabi with Expedia, but also affordable and comfortable.

To really get the best experience in any country, it’s best to visit when there’s something exciting happening. This could be a holiday, celebration or event – anything, really, which makes a place come alive and shows it off as a place of vibrant beauty. And there’s no event which does this better for Thailand than Visakha Bucha Day in Koh Samui. During this event you can easily find great hotels in Koh Samui with luxury accommodation at discount prices near the festival.

Overall, I could not recommend living in Thailand more for women of any age or stage of life! Consider this your chance to experience life in a whole new way, a whole new culture, immersed in the magic and beauty of Thailand- and you will never be the same!