5 Amazing Holiday Destinations for TV and Movie Lovers

Watching television series and movies is a great escape after a long, hard day of work.  It’s a great way to forget about your troubles, become engrossed in a new story, and pass your evenings.     The film industry is huge and it employs a lot of people and it generates a lot of money.  More and more television series and movies are being filmed in exotic locations that you too can visit.  You can join guided tours and hear about the interesting things that happened while filming took place.


New York – Various Productions

New York City is the home of many movie and television productions and there are many guided tours that you can go on.  You can take a “Sex in the City” tour, a “Sopranos” tour,” A Gossip Girl” tour or many more.  You can also visit the iconic landmarks that are often pictured in film and television like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, or Central Park.


Croatia – Game Of Thrones

Dubrovnik is a beautiful walled city that sits on the sparkling coast of the Adriatic Sea.  The Old Town of is a World Heritage Site and it is the home of the set for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones.  You can take guided walking tours through the areas that scenes were filmed in.


Los Angeles – Various Productions

Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood where a lot of television series and movies are filmed.  A lot of actors live there as well so that they can be close to work.  You can take tours of where the actors live, visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see the more than 2500 stars of all of your favourite entertainment icons, and learn about their history.  You can also take a visit to Universal Studios to see how movies are made.


New Zealand – Lord Of The Rings

Rotura is where the most of the filming of the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy took place.  You can join guided tours that will show you charming sites like The Shire, and its surrounding area.  You can even have your picture taken in front of Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole or have a pint of draft at the Green Dragon inn.  You can also take a trip out of Wellington that allows you to view more spectacular places of Middle Earth.  You can also tour Weta Studios and see where the production of the movies took place.  If you’re driving yourself around New Zealand in a car or campervan then you have to incorporate some Lord of the Rings action into your trip!


Ouarzazate, Morocco – Various Productions

Ouarzazate is just a day trip from Marrakesh and Atlas Studios is one of the largest film studios in the world.  Recently it has become famous again for the Game of Thrones that have been filmed there.  But there is a long history of popular films that have been filmed there including Babel, Gladiator, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Mummy and Lawrence of Arabia.  Many of the sets are still there and you can wander through them and see where your favourite scenes were filmed.