Stag Do Ideas: A British Rugby Tour

If you are organizing a stag do for your buddies then you will no doubt be looking to do something which is fun, exciting and perhaps a little different. As someone who has been on many stag dos, it is the parties that offer something unique which are the most fun and the most memorable. Of course there is nothing wrong with a traditional night out or an Eastern European adventure but it is fair to say that these ideas are a little played out. A great idea for your stag do would be something which I went on last year, a rugby tour, the perfect idea for a rugby aficionado. Rugby tours are brilliant for the group, full of laughs and the perfect way to celebrate your last days of freedom.


No matter what your level, amateur or expert, the former usually applies here, you will have a great deal fo fun getting involved in a game of rugby against your mates. In fact these days are all the more fun when there are a few in the group who are not athletic, or who have never played rugby before. A group of around 14 is perfect so that you can have a quick game of sevens. There will be a coach on hand to give you all the hints and tips you need and then you will take to the field with a qualified official, to find out who is the kind of the rugby field.


It isn’t just the game itself that is fun, usually this is preceded by a large number of activities of training exercises and team building fun. In fact by the time that the game comes you are all likely to be pretty tired, which just adds more fun to the game itself.

Main Event

The key to a rugby tour is to time it right so that after a day of getting messy and muddy, you and the boys can take to the stadium on a nighttime, to watch the professionals do it. We were lucky enough when we went on a rugby tour that England were playing in a friendly in Twickenham on the evening after our game. Regardless of whether or not England are playing, as long as there is a good club side playing on the evening, it will make for the perfect way to end your day of rugby. The day can then be finished off with a night of high jinks if people still have the energy after they have been put through their paces during the day.

Rugby tours have all of the requirements of a good stag do, they are fun, they offer involvement for the whole team and most importantly they can fill your day with adventure before hitting the town on the nighttime. If you are organizing a stag do, look no further than a rugby tour for your groom and his friends.