How to book a brilliant holiday for less

Everybody deserves a holiday once in a while, a chance to get away from it all and spend a bit of time in the sun, but the trouble is that it can cost so much money. When you add up the costs of travel to the airport, flights, transfers, accommodation and spending money, it becomes a serious amount of money; but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you shop wisely and follow a few simple tips, you can save a substantial amount of money, meaning you can have an enjoyable holiday without breaking the bank.

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Shop online

The best place to find a cheap deal on a holiday is on the internet. You have the pick of almost every holiday provider on the planet, which means you can quickly find the best deal possible. There are lots of sites available that aggregate flights, hotels and things like car hire to find the best deal and save you hours of trawling. By booking all parts of the holiday through the same provider, you may also be able to make a saving.

Go last minute

To find the best cheap holiday offers, you should keep your options open and book last minute. If you know approximately what area or what type of holiday you would like then you should wait until as late as you dare before committing. Holiday companies would much rather let their rooms out for less than not at all, so if you have the stomach for it you can engage them in a game of chicken! Of course, if you leave it too late then you will be the one that misses out, but you can comfortably leave it until a week to go and still find the holiday you want.

Go out of season

Another tip is to wait until out of the high season before you decide to go, as prices tend to soar during school holidays. Of course, this is more difficult if you have children in school, but if you haven’t you should grab the opportunity with both hands for a cheap holiday!

City breaks

Many people don’t think about it, but a city break can offer a fabulous holiday at a great price. Flights to most major cities are very reasonable all year round, providing you choose the right one, and once you reach your destination the public transport on offer makes reaching your hotel easy and cheap. The wide range of hotels available in cities mean that finding a cheap hotel is simple and there will be a huge range of restaurants and attractions to keep you busy all week, at a price to suit you.