7 Ways to Spend a Gap Year

There are many reasons why people take a gap year.  Maybe you have just finished school and would like to see a bit of the world before you start work. Or perhaps you have been working for a long time at a job you don’t like and would just like to try something different.  A gap year is a great way to refresh, relax and prepare yourself for the next big step in your life.


Teach English Abroad

If you want to teach English abroad there are many different programs available that you can join.  To teach English in Japan you need a university degree in any discipline.  JET is a great program and they provide accommodation, a job, and many other perks depending on where in Japan you choose to work.  It is a great way to study a different culture, learn a new language and make long lasting friendships.


Volunteer in India

There are so many opportunities to volunteer in India.  You can help teach English to school children, help build wells in villages without access to clean water, work on a farm, or look after children in orphanages.  These are just a few of the things you can do.  There are many international organizations as well as local NGO’s (non government organizations) that offer opportunities to allow you to help the less privileged in India.


Surf in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, on the beautiful north coast of the Pacific Ocean, is brilliant for surfing.  There are plenty of beaches with white sand and tumbling surf and the accommodations are reasonable.  There are plenty of expats that have discovered the beauty of this area and have been living there for decades.


Do a Ski Season

A great to spend a year off is to do a ski season in a world-class resort.  There are so many great places to choose from.  Whistler Canada is a great place to ski and there are plenty of people from all over the world that are skiing, and working there to sustain their lifestyle of partying, skiing, and partying.  If being a ski bum is something you have always dreamed of now is the time to do it, visit Oyster Worldwide for more information.


Work on a Cruise Ship

Working on a Cruise Ship is a great way to see the world.  There are many opportunities for employment:  there are retail jobs, housekeeping jobs, and if you have a skill like hairdresser, doctor, nurse, or musician it is a great way to travel.  When the cruise ship docs you get to see the port as well so make sure you find a cruise line that travels to ports that you are interested in visiting.


Travel around Australia

Travelling around Australia allows you to meet many different people, see some crazy animals, and explore a truly beautiful country. Australia has beautiful beaches, a great big desert, and some of the best diving in the world.  To discover all of Australia’s nature, why not rent a campervan? Visit Spaceships Rentals for more information.


Work on a ranch

Become a gaucho at a ranch in Argentina.  A gaucho is a cowboy and if you have always dreamed of riding the open range, herding cattle, and spending your nights under the stars this is the vocation for you. The work is not easy and you will be expected to work but this is a great way to experience a completely different style of life than the one you are used to.  A lot of ranches will provide food and accommodation if you are willing to work for free.