How to Spend Your Time In Verona


Last year I was traveling through Italy and a friend of mine had asked me if I wanted to go to Verona for the weekend. As someone who loves Shakespeare, I simply couldn’t resist the chance to go to the place where the magnificent Romeo and Juliet was set. In truth, I knew very little about Verona and so I really went there with zero expectations. As it turns out, this city is absolutely breathtaking and I would implore you to visit it if you should ever decide to spend some time in Italy. To begin with the holiday rentals in Verona are plentiful and very well priced to suit all kinds of traveler, on top of that, the city itself has plenty to do and see and here are some ideas for you if you visit this city in the heart of Veneto.

Arena di Verona

The Colosseum in Rome grabs the majority of the headlines when it comes to ancient amphitheaters but here in Verona they have one which I would argue could rival the beauty of the iconic Roman structure. The Arena di Verona is an unknown landmark to many, and it is difficult to see why when you set eyes on it. Remarkably this arena was constructed in 30 AD and is still in excellent condition. Throughout the years this arena saw gladiator contests and a huge range of shows and events  and what is even more remarkable is that the arena is still in use for such events.

Castle Vechio

Before I visited Verona I had kind of hit my limit of old buildings in Italy, don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful but there are only so many which you can go to see. This was before I had seen the magnificent castle in the heart of Verona and the bridge which you walk over to get there. The castle was constructed in 1354 and still looks fresh and almost modern. Inside the castle you can visit the museum with a wide range of arts and installations which tell the tales of what kind of times this castle lived through, definitely a must visit when you are in Verona.

 Giardino Giusti

One thing that I noted most about Verona was its laid back atmosphere and a silence throughout the city which is almost eery, but incredibly tranquil. I felt this most when I went to the gorgeous gardens of Giardino Giusti. The gardens sit on the banks of the river Adige and they have been designed in the classic Italian renaissance style. I love the way that these gardens contrast the architectural beauty of the city and I thoroughly enjoyed spending my afternoon amongst the greenery. The gardens are separated into 8 squares with each area offering something different from the last. Impeccably maintained and absolutely beautiful, don’t miss out on these gardens!

I really fell in love with Verona and I am sure that you will too once you have visited.