Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas

Thinking about where you’ll be spending your spring break this year? With the warmer season just around the corner, who wouldn’t be thinking about a nice retreat in a warm climate? Though there are a lot of beautiful destinations you could travel to around the world, an all-time favorite for the A-list celebs and spring breakers in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The Destination for Relaxation and Fun
Located at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, this vibrant city is filled with the best combination of relaxation and entertainment. With an array of beaches to suit any temperament, you can have fun basking under the sun or surfing the wild waves. There’s a lot to see and do in this town, but here are some of the most popular.
Hang Out at the Resort
With an array of accommodations, you’ll love places like the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort offered by Welk Timeshare. Resorts such as these have a ton of activities and amenities you can enjoy while on vacation. Get a massage, head over and enjoy a drink at the bar, indulge in some fine cuisine, sit poolside and get a tan, or play a few rounds of golf with other tourists.
Party at the Cabo Wabo
If your idea of a vacation is tons of booze, great music, and a good time, then you can’t visit Cabo San Lucas without heading to the ever-popular Cabo Wabo. A large complex with nothing but great bars and a stage for rock and roll entertainment, you can mix and mingle with other tourists as you have a rockin good time.
Get Your Groove on at El Squid Roe
Not done partying yet? Well, if dancing is your thing, then you should most definitely check out the nightclub El Squid Roe. While the bright red roof and cartoon characters on its exterior might throw you off, the indoor scene is exactly where you want to be. Get a yard long glow-in-the-dark beer and other mixed drinks as you dance the night away. Join in on the conga line or get some laughs as the waiters dance topless on the counters.
Go Surfing at Zippers
If you live to chase some of the best waves, then Zippers is where you want to be. Best for surfers with some real experience, you can find this beach located at mile 17 on the Cabo corridor. Not great with surfing? Zippers can still be a great place to visit as a spectator.


Visit Cabo Pulmo for Ultimate Exploration
Want to try something new like snorkeling in the ocean? Some of the world’s most gorgeous coral reefs can actually be found at Cabo Pulmo. This Mexican National Marine Park is packed with some of the areas most exotic sea life. If water isn’t your thing, you can also take a hike to Las Sirenitas’ to see some of the most dynamic rock formations. Either way, the atmosphere is one you don’t want to miss.

Great dining, awesome music, lots of booze, and a serene outlook on nature… Cabo San Lucas is certainly a destination to consider visiting this spring or summer. Since it’s a hot destination spot, it is a good idea to book your vacation in advance. Chances are after you’ve visited once, you’ll fall in love and find yourself wanting to come back every year.