Five Things You Need To See In Doha

Qatar is a Gulf State that is making a difference in the way it wants to be viewed by the world and a good example is Doha. Qatar Airways flies from many destinations to various parts of Qatar and it is only a short flight away from many parts of Europe. Read on to find out things that you need to see in Doha.

The Corniche
The Corniche is a waterfront promenade that winds around seven kilometres of the Doha Bay. It offers spectacular views of the city and encompasses the high rise buildings jutting out of the landscape to the distinctive Islamic inspired shape of the Museum of Islamic Art.

The Corniche is vehicle free and this creates a pedestrian-friendly space in the heart of Doha that makes it easier for us to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Museum of Islamic Art
This museum houses Islamic art from three continents dating back 1400 years. As mentioned above, it is located on the Corniche, designed by the world famous I. M. Pei (responsible for the modern structure of the Louvre) in traditional Islamic style with a modern twist. The museum is a tribute to the historic past and the great effect that the Islamic culture has brought to the world.

Al Wajba Fort
This fort was constructed in either the late 18th century or early 19th century and is situated 15 kilometres west of Doha. The fort holds important historical value due to it being the site of a historical battle where the Qataris emerged victorious over the Ottomans in the year, 1893. The fort has also been the residence of various sheikhs throughout its history. This is a great place to relive an important time in the history of Qatar.

Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings
These rock carvings are located on the Northeast coast and comprise of 874 individual carvings or petroglyphs in various patterns and designs such as foot marks and ships. These carvings were discovered in the year 1957 and are amongst the earliest of the carvings, believed to have been designed during the Neolithic times. The Al Jassasiya Carvings are probably the most famous of all rock carvings in Qatar, but they are certainly not the only examples of these!

Dhal Al Misfir
This is a 40 metre deep cave that is located just outside of Doha in the middle of the Qatar peninsula. The cave contains Gypsum deposits and is known for the clusters of Gypsum that forms desert roses, which are crystalline structures with round blade like petals that appear like roses. These are also known to form in arid and sandy conditions. Gypsum is also known to exude a slight phosphorescent glow that fills the cave with an eerie, but mystical glow.