Thailand Is The Best Place For A Holiday

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It proved so popular with tourists such as Paul Hurdsfield that they now call it home.

Millions of people flock to the Land Of Smiles year after year because you are guaranteed to have a great time. There is something here for every type of holiday; family, couples, friends and backpackers.

I have been lucky enough to visit Thailand on more that 15 occasions and each time I leave I want to go back as soon as possible. Paul Hurdsfield certainly thinks that people should spend a lot more time in his adopted nation because it has so much to offer.

So why have I fallen in love with Thailand and why do I think it is the best place for a holiday? Well, the list could have been endless! Here are 3 of the main reasons:

The People

It is called the Land Of Smiles for a reason, that’s because everyone you meet here is smiling and welcoming. People are always so friendly when you’re on holiday you instantly feel at ease. Even if in the remote areas you can’t communicate due to the language barrier locals will always find a way to help you out – again it is the big beaming smile which makes you feel welcome.

The Cost

Having a holiday in paradise and being able to live for $20 a day sounds unimaginable right? Well, that is definitely possible in Thailand. You can of course spend ten times that per day if you really want to, whatever your budget Thailand has a place for you. The food here is out of this world and the good news is that you can eat a mouth watering meal for as little as $2, add a beer to that for a $1 and you’re winning. For accommodation you can get your own room with bathroom for as little as $10 – if you’re on a stricter budget then plenty of dorms are available for less.

The Beaches

If you love your beaches then Thailand is the place you need to be. Have you seen the movie The Beach? That was filmed in Thailand and you can be sunbathing there when you visit if you want. The south of the country is blessed with some of the most stunning beaches you will find on the planet – again you won’t find heaven at such an affordable price.