Duty free shops in different airports

Have you ever wanted to have choice from several duty free shops in different airports? sounds impossible right? But it’s not! Easydutyfree is a wonderful site where you can look online at duty free items from lots of different airports. Prague Airport has some great duty free bargains, but of course you don’t want to have to fly out there specifically each time you’d like something. Easydutyfree is also a great way to compare Duty Free prices at a glance, making it easier for you to find your favourite items for the Duty Free prices.


Easydutyfree has several types of product from Prague airport duty free including, food, accessories, souvenirs, electronics, clothing, homewares and more . By using the site you can easily search for items by category, airport and price to seek out bargains galore. You can also buy items from different airports and have them all included on the same order, no need for lots of separate parcels to worry about. The great thing is that because you’re travelling the items aren’t delivered to where you are staying. They are left at a duty free collection point that you have decided upon for ease.

Once you have paid for your items online, you then go to the collection point where you can show your order confirmation to prove the order is yours. Upon collection you will get a voucher to say that you have paid for the items, including VAT. This is where another huge benefit of using Easydutyfree comes in, you can get a full VAT refund on the items you bought! This means you can get your items for up to 17% less than they would normally cost. Keep hold of the VAT voucher and do not use or consume your items yet. Once you are leaving French territory you have the voucher cleared at a PABLO kiosk and Easydutyfree refund the amount back to your card account. Do note that refunds aren’t given on tobacco or alcohol.