Teachers Gifts Ideas 

 Is it still worthwhile buying a gift for your childs teacher? In my view it certainly is, these men and women, regardless of what they may or may not earn, work tirelessly to ensure that our children are given the best start in their educational lives. Very often teachers work far beyond the hours of the school and they invest much of their holiday time into planning and organizing as well. Given their level of commitment I would say that yes, it is a good idea to look for teachers gifts come the end of term. I have always felt it best to buy the kids’ form teachers a gift rather than for everyone of their teachers, unless there is one who has gone above and beyond. If you agree then here are some gift ideas which you could think about come the end of term.  


Coffee Mug  

For me the criteria of a perfect teacher gift is one which isnt too expensive and something which they will use, rather than something which gets put to the back of a cupboard and forgotten about. This is why I have always liked buying a coffee mug for a teacher, we all know that they rely heavily on their cups of tea and coffee, and who can blame them with so many kids to look after! Think of something quirky or specialized when you buy the mug.  


Gift Cards 

I cant stand buying gift cards for people because I have always felt that it was something of a cop out for people who lacked imagination when buying presents. With this being said however, a gift card for a teacher actually is a very good idea. The reason for this is that in the main we dont know much about a teachers private life so we dont know what sort of things they like or dislike. A gift card for a department store however can ensure that you are given them something which they will like and they can spend it on a wide range of items of their choosing.  



As any teacher will tell you, they can never have enough stationary and this could make for a lovely gift for your childs teacher. There are a couple of ways that you can do this, the first is that you could pick up a gift card for a local stationary outlet and let the teacher choose their own. The second option is that you can put together some bits and pieces which you think that they may need, and package it up so that it looks like a great gift. Think about things like highlighter pens, whiteboard markers (which always disappear) as well as a variety of different colored pens and colorful paper. If you chose the latter option then you will be able to give a gift which isnt overly expensive, one which the teacher will use and a gift which shows that you have invested some time into, three qualities which every great gift should have.