Italy Vs. France – What’s Best for Your Holiday?

Comparing two mega destinations like Italy and France is like comparing oranges with apples. In fact, there can’t be a definite winner in such comparison, as each will offer you something unique in terms of culture, attractions, cuisine and more. So, we are not going to make the decision for you, rather help you make your decision. Which destination you choose will depend on your personal preferences and likings.

The Amalfi Coast Vs. The French Riviera

The Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site with one of the most picturesque beaches in Italy, three legendary Greek temples, romantic mountain-high Ravello and the shimmering medieval city of Amalfi. The area arguably boasts the most divinely sensual stretch of habitation, land and water on Earth. It is one of the top spots for hiking in Italy. You can find more information on walking the Amalfi coast here.

On the other hand, the French Riviera, another destination with some stunning beaches and incredible accommodation, is known for more than just its natural attributes. The French Riviera offers you the urban charms of Nice, the towns made famous by Picasso— Mougins, Vallauris, Antibes; the Belle Époque aura of Cannes and animated St-Tropez.

Both are equally beautiful and rich in terms of natural charms and modern tourist facilities.

Tuscany Vs. The Loire Valley

Tuscany is a vast area in Italy with stunning landscapes that feature rolling hills, cypress trees and olive groves. There are a number of historic cities including Florence and Pisa that are located under the Tuscan territory. So, you get a great combination of nature and historic attractions in Tuscany. For information on villa rentals on the Tuscan coast click here.

The Loire Valley too is mainly known for its natural landscapes but the landscapes of Tuscany and The Loire Valley vary significantly in terms of architectural and historical sites. There are a great number of wonderful castles in The Loire Valley that are worth both your time and money.

The French Alps Vs. The Dolomites

If you are an avid adventurer, you must be interested to explore and experience some of the best mountains in Europe. The Alps and Dolomites, being two of the major mountains in Europe, prove to be a difficult choice for travelers.

The French Alps is perfect for rock climbing, biking, hiking, and mountaineering during the summer and skiing and snowboarding during the winter. You can find some of the most renowned ski resorts in the world in the French Alps. For information on the best time of year to travel to the French Alps click here.

The Dolomites on the other hand, offers the opportunities to take part in activities such as hang gliding, paragliding, BASE jumping and cycling besides mountain climbing, hiking and skiing. The only difference is the ski resorts in The Dolomites are not as popular and renowned as those of the French Alps.

Rome Vs. Paris

Rome and Paris are the capital cities of Italy and France respectively, with both having some of the best tourist attractions around the world. While both cities have good combinations of historic and modern attractions, Paris seems to be slightly ahead with its modern attributes.

Italian Food Vs. French Food

Both Italy and France are two of the most popular culinary travel destinations in the world. Italian dishes seem to be a little more popular than regular French dishes. Still, hard to pick. Italian pizza and pasta are two of the most renowned food items worldwide whilst most French dishes are comparatively more sophisticated and complicated. Click here to find out which the best restaurants to visit in Italy are.