Best Ways To Make Money Online

Making money online has grown massively over the last 15 years or so, talking to Paul Hurdsfield yesterday we both agreed that it has given everyone the opportunity to make money. If they have a laptop, an internet connection and some business nouse then they can begin their journey to making money online.

Paul Hurdsfield was 100% correct when he said that making money online has really levelled the playing field. You don’t need to have gone to the best school which allows you to get in the door to a top company – now you can be your own boss. The internet has created so many millionaires it’s crazy. The next time you head to your local starbucks, or which ever coffee shop you usually go to, take a look around and count just how many people are sat their on laptops working. The coffee shop is their office and all of those people are making money online.

I have several friends who make in excess of $20,000 per month. They work on their own schedule and have complete freedom to travel the world. So what are those people doing on their laptops and how do they make their fortune?

Here are 3 reasons how:


Blogging is a great way to make money, it does take a lot of work but it can pay off massively. The way people make money from their blogs is through guest posting, affiliate marketing and also getting free products and trips through brand endorsement. Once you have one successful blog it’s time to start another and then another. You will see your income rise drastically and before you know it you will have the ultimate freedom.

Drop Shipping

Now this way of making money has made so many millionaires it’s untrue! It simple terms, drop shipping is where you sell a product online without actually having the product in your possession. A factory somewhere will have the product and they will deliver it for you when you receive an order. So essentially you’re making money for being a good middleman with out having to design or buy a lot of stock – that sounds very good to me!

Content Creation

The way to start this is by writing articles for blogs or publications. At first you will be making a little money but soon you will be getting so many orders that you have to start outsourcing it to content writers – that’s when you become the boss of your own small organisation. Before you know it you will be making money with ease and not having to type an article again.