Tips on Getting The Most Out of a Camping Trip With Kids 

One of my favorite types of family holidays is going camping here in the UK and my family and I generally go each year down to Cornwall for a great time. In Cornwall campsites are everywhere and we have worked out which the best ones are for what our family needs. After so many years of going on this trip I have worked out exactly how to get the most out of this time with the kids, and so I wanted to share some tips with you that may help you to maximize the fun and the good times on your next camping trip.


Spending Time 

One of the most incredible things about this type of holiday, and one of the reasons why I enjoy them so much is that I get loads of time to spend with the kids. I have a busy job which can often limit how much time I get with them, which is why I always take advantage of this precious time with them. I see many families however who just don’t take this opportunity, they send the kids off on activities through the day and then chat between other adults at night. This is an ideal time to spend with the kids without distractions, so make the most of it. 


Kids always need some form of entertainment so make sure that you pack the schedule tight with games, adventures and lots of activities. I like to try and enjoy as much of this with the kids as I can and to ensure that they are never bored I make sure to plan ahead. For example I know that the kids can’t always be getting involved in activities so I’ll often make a treasure hunt for them, or make up challenges like who can make the most creative object from wood. These little details really go a long way when you are on the campsite with your kids.


When you go camping there can be some dangerous activities such as lighting fires or using knives and it can be tempting to leave the kids out of this, given the potential danger. This isn’t something which I like to do and I much rather involve the kids and use it as an opportunity to teach them. My kids have been lighting fires and using knives on a campsite for years now, and they love to be involved. If you teach them well then they will understand the dangers and avoid them. 

Avoiding Temptation 

There is nothing wrong with heading out and about during the day to visit nearby places but I often think that it is a better idea to avoid the temptation of going to restaurants and cafes, and instead doing the majority of the trip on the campsite. The kids can enjoy the trappings of modern life back home, this is a trip which is about getting back to nature and avoiding those trappings.