5 Reasons to Visit Singapore

Singapore is glamorous and fun. It’s heaven to the designer shopper and the gadget man. Bearing this in mind, here are the five key reasons to visit Singapore.

I’m such a tourist!



Singapore is a shopper’s heaven. In fact, shopping is like a national pastime in Singapore they like their shopping malls as well as designer brands. The shopping on Orchard Road is immense with numerous impressive malls bursting with designer and high street stores.



You don’t have to be a fashionista to get involved with the shopping. You will also find electronic goods and gadgets. There is actually a five storey mall selling just electronics from computers to phones to cameras. Bring your American Express KrisFlyer credit card and earn 1 KrisFlyer mile for every S$1.60 you spend!



Depending on where you are from, Singapore can be very convenient. With English as the national language, asking for help, directions and city tips is so easy. The Asian languages are particularly difficult to pick up if you are not a native so this makes Singapore so much more accessible to non-Asian nationalities. Along with the no language barrier, it’s quick and easy to get around with a top class transport system. It’s also safe. That includes a low car accident rate, low theft and crime rates etc. It’s safe for women to walk around in the evening and feel comfortable but is difficult to find these days.



For years, there have been fees for inner city driving and on top of that, over 5% of the island is reserved for nature. The streets are immaculate as they take littering legislation to the next level. Littering is a crime. You can even receive a fine for forgetting to flush in a public restroom and it’s also a crime to spit on a pathway.



Singapore isn’t just shopping. There are endless activities and tourist options which is why so many tourists head there every year. They have a party island resort of Sentosa with beautiful beaches, natural areas, hotels, restaurants and activities. The History Museum will give you an insight to the history of the country. They also love thehe arts and entertainment and you’ll be presented with sculptures, art shows, theatre, music and dance.