Top 5 Sights in Dublin

Dublin is a laid-back place, rich in personality. A good walking town, it’s easy for a tourist to make their way around the compact capital city to take in the sights. For those rainy days in Dublin, head inside to one of these five attractions.


Guinness Storehouse
If you like beer, you’ve heard of Guinness. The seven-storey Guinness Storehouse serves up the history of Guinness, its founder, the ingredients used, and the brewing process. It’s not cut and dry—the museum has many interactive elements to keep patrons fully entertained. After you tour the extensive museum, either learn how to pour the perfect pint at the eponymous Perfect Pint Bar or head to the Gravity Bar to be rewarded with a free pint of Guinness and enjoy the Dublin skyline.


Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
Claiming to be the first Christian site in Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest church in the country. It’s located adjacent to the famous well where Saint Patrick baptized converts while visiting Dublin. The present building dates from 1220 and the inside is full of interesting architecture and mesmerizing stained glass. You can join a free tour and walk around this religious landmark or attend a church service.


Glasnevin Cemetery (Prospect Cemetery)
The secret’s in the stones. Glasnevin cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in Ireland with over 1.1 million burials. People from all walks of life who made this their final resting place have their stories encapsulated here. Not only is it a peaceful, scenic area, it provides a fascinating look into the Irish revolution and Civil War, as told by the engaging and highly knowledgeable tour guides. After a tour of the cemetery, check out the Glasnevin museum.


Kilmainham Gaol
Formerly a prison, it’s now a museum and one of the most important Irish monuments in modern time. While on the guided tour, you receive an inside look as to how it would’ve been like to be locked up in this foreboding prison known for its harsh treatment of prisoners. Many leaders of the rebellions in Ireland were held and executed here. Men, women, and children (the youngest reportedly 5 years old!) were not segregated in the prison.


Temple Bar Crawl
I’d be willing to take a ferry to Dublin for the bars. The Temple bar area is where the party happens in Dublin. A mesh of bars, pubs, and eateries, it’s where many people head to for a drink and live music after a long day’s work. During the daytime it transforms into a quiet area to shop or stroll around. Either join an organized pub-crawl or gather some friends and hop from one place to the next.