A shopaholic’s guide to Venice


When it comes to shopping, Europe has some pretty hot destinations, with Paris and London regularly topping the Best Places to Shop lists. But many people don’t realise that these two shopping meccas have some pretty fierce competition on a local level. Step forward Venice, city of canals and capital of romance. As well as being a hotspot for the biggest chains in the world, there are also the markets which simply defy description.

For those seeking out little boutiques full of unique and useful items, you’re in for a treat as we explore the plethora of independent jewellers, potters, grocers and antique sellers that line the streets of this wondrous city. Be prepared to submerse yourself in Venetian shopping culture as you wander from market to market. Book yourself a flight with Monarch Airlines out to Venice right now, or read on for all the best boutiques.

Alberto Bertoni

Head down Calle de la Mandola for this rustic well-hidden cavern which is home to all manner of art books and exhibition catalogues. You can expect significant discounts on the face value of everything in stock.


An immensely popular fashion house, this little boutique sells a wide selection of jewellery, scarves and bags, as well as the latest styles of clothing and Georgina Goodman shoes. Its budget-conscious prices make it particularly popular with students, who are always up with the latest in fashion. Located on Dorsoduro 3749.


Traditional wood artefacts are sold here, the kind of which you simply won’t find anywhere else. Located on Dorsoduro 2762, the young craftswoman who creates its wares is immensely dedicated and presides over stunning curved objects that serve as perfect Christmas presents. Check Madera’s website to find out more.

Perele e Dintorni

Bead jewellery is sold here, perfect for kids as you can make and assemble it yourself. Get a vaporetto to San Marco 3740, from 9am until 7:30pm from Monday to Saturday.

Vittorio Costantini

This shop, named after its creator, is renowned throughout the world for selling only the most beautiful and original Venetian lamps. Constantini himself builds the intricately shaped designs, which are invariably shaped as fish, birds, insects and other animals. The shop can be found at Cannaregio 5311, calle del Fumo.

Vinaria Nave de Oro

Bring Your Own Bottle with a difference – the bottle you bring is empty and the staff fill them with anything from a characteristic Merlot to a light and cheery Pinot Grigio. The sweet and cloudy white wine Torbellino is particularly recommended. Vinaria has several premises across Venice.

Carta Alta

If you have an interest in intricately handcrafted masks, marionettes and puppets, Carta Alta is the place to go. You’ll find lots of completely unique and special gifts. Head to campo San Barnaba to find out more.


Grab a break from all those Italian coffee shops and instead seek out some speciality teas. Staff prepare your chosen blend, and are also trained enough to offer herbal remedies if you feel like discussing your various ailments and illnesses with them.