Awe-Inspiring Sites in Bangkok

As a the capital of Thailand, it should come as no surprise that Bangkok is an incredible city worth a visit. Each year, millions of tourists from around the world flock to the city in order to experience the culture, the cuisine, the history and the everyday way of life. The important flow of tourists enable Bangkok hotel booking to be easy and cheap. Although one of the best ways to explore Bangkok is by taking in the smaller parts of the local culture, no trip would be complete without a few of the awe-inspiring sites along the way. Whether this is your first trip to Bangkok or you are a seasoned traveler, make sure that you add these amazing destinations to your itinerary in order to get the complete experience in Bangkok.

Grand Palace Bangkok
Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace: If you only get the chance to see one major attraction in Thailand, you will want it to be the Grand Palace. This palace has been home to the royalty of Thailand since 1782, and it remains as one of the most significant architectural pieces in the country. For visitors, however, it will simply be a breathtaking complex made up of several beautiful buildings right along the Chao Phraya River. Each of the buildings is more magnificent than the last, but the places that you absolutely should view include the Museum of the Emerald Buddha Temple, Ho Plueang Khrueang and the throne hall in Phra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat. The distinctly Thai architecture will transport you back to the opulence of the 18th century, making it easily one of the best attractions in Bangkok.

Wat Pho: Believe it or not, this amazing temple is actually about 200 years older than even the city of Bangkok. As the oldest and largest temple in the area, it is the one that you should absolutely visit. Although the building itself is stunning, what will truly take your breath away is the statue of the reclining Buddha, which is covered in gold, found within. As one of the largest images of Buddha in the world, this is what most tourists come to Wat Pho specifically to see. To fit in, purchase a bag of coins and place them in the copper pots around the statue. The money goes to the monks living in the temple and the upkeep of the structure, and it is meant to give you luck for the future. Wat Pho is conveniently located just next door to the massive Grand Palace complex.

Wat Arun: Another truly awe-inspiring site in Bangkok is Wat Arun, or the Temple of Dawn. It is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya opposite the Wat Pho, which means that you can take a ferry directly from one to the other. This was once the first place where the sun shined on Bangkok, which is where it got its poetic name. If you want to see something awesome, then take a river ferry before sunrise and watch as the sun hits the majestic temple. Nothing can compare to the carvings on the temple’s facade being revealed at the first ray of sunlight, so there is no better time to see Wat Arun than first thing in the morning.

Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm: With so many awe-inspiring landmarks and historical temples in Bangkok, you might be ready for something a little different that is every bit as breathtaking. The Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm is a research facility that doubles as a tourism attraction, and they milk the venom from snakes daily in a bizarre and amazing process that visitors can actually watch.

Each of these incredible locations in Bangkok will take your breath away and leave your speechless, so don’t miss out on them during your trip to Thailand.

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