Save Money on Your Travels with a City Travel Pass



The London City Pass is a card that allows you to make the most of your holidays by giving you an opportunity to visit top attractions without any more extra charges. You get to save a huge chunk of your money than if you were travelling without one. Make the best of your trip around the UK by visiting the top attractions.

The London pass gives you unlimited transport via public means all through the city. You get to skip the long queue especially at busy sites such as Windsor Castle or the Tower of London.

The card also helps you save money on food and shopping as it offers a whole load of discounts on certain restaurants and shops. You are also guaranteed of a hundred percent returns.

Armed with your card you can comfortably enjoy a cruise on the River Thames and enjoy the sights of the city and aces the sites along this site. You can hop on off boats at your own pleasure, slowly taking in the sites.


Barcelona is a great city to explore and indulge in fun activities. The city is full of cultural sites and vibrant entertainment spots waiting to be enjoyed.  Sadly, this may mean spending a lot of money. Fear not, the Barcelona Card ensures you get the most out of your trip by giving you unlimited access to the best sites in the city. The passes vary depending on the attractions that you would like to view.

The Barcelona museum pass saves you time and money if you want to access the museums in the city and it is valid for ten days since this day of purchase. It also contains useful information and tips to get the best of Barcelona. The museums you can enjoy are National Museum of Catalonia, Piccasso Museum and many others.

Spend a day enjoying the Parc de Ceutadella, Spain’s top zoo with over 4000 species of animals in spacious green enclosures; use the Barcelona Zoo Pass. See dolphins, lions, monkeys and gorillas. The park is relatively big and you will need a train to see it all.


Not only is this the world’s most visited city, it is also the most expensive as well. However, you can save money as you explore Paris by use of Paris Pass. It guarantees you entrance to over 60 world famous museums, galleries and historic monuments such as the Louvre and Arc de Triomphe. It saves you time and money and helps you navigate Paris at ease. It also comes with an information guide book that tells you more about the sites; opening and closing hours, it also gives you hints and tips to help you plan the perfect holiday.

The Visite Pass helps you ease on transportation charges as you have unlimited opportunities to ride trains buses and even the Metro. You can create your own adventure by hopping on and off buses and explore the neighborhoods of Paris.