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Summer is here, and for many of us, that hopefully means vacation, travel, and relaxation. It’s no secret that people enjoy traveling in the summer for many reasons.  You can pack lighter, dress lighter, enjoy more outdoor activities, and generally have a freer, less encumbered vacation experience. Unless you make a habit of wintering in tropical locales, you’ll find yourself at one of the following solely during summer months. Pack the lightest of clothes, the broadest of sun-hats, and the most comfortable of sandals for hitting these traditional summer destinations.

The Beach! Most traditional of summer vacation destinations, “the beach” can run the gamut from a semi-trashy boozey T-shirt paradise like Myrtle Beach SC, or Daytona, FLA, or a palm-fringed tropical paradise like Bermuda. Either way, you’re probably going to spend much of your free time wearing nothing more complicated than a swimsuit, sunscreen, and some thong flip-flops. And you might only need the flip-flops to cross a hot parking lot.

Camping. Almost the direct opposite experience from the beach, camping usually takes place in a more secluded locale, with a smaller group of close friends. Maybe it’s combined with a rugged adventure sport like rock-climbing, or a more sedate activity like lake-fishing, or maybe it’s just a good reason to go somewhere cellphones can’t reach and stare at the brightest stars you can find in the night sky. Whatever your camping pleasure, you can still keep it light, with a pair of durable and comfortable hiking sandals, bug repellant, and shorts you can carry your jerky in. Doesn’t everyone eat jerky while camping? Okay, vegan trail mix, whatever.

Music festivals. More popular than ever, music festivals combine the roughing-it aspect of camping with the group energy of a crowded beach, and top that off with the intensity of a series of concerts. Unending stimulus for those who crave excitement and don’t mind mixing it up with the great unwashed, music festivals are still a great place to practice your skills at packing light. Keep cool, keep hydrated, and keep ear protection close by for when you get up near the stage.

No matter where you go this summer, enjoy the feeling of leaving things behind, whether it’s your job, your problems, or your need to remain showered at all times. Summer is your chance to travel light, physically and emotionally, take advantage!