Exploring More of Zante’s Hidden Treasures

Zante, or Zakynthos as it’s officially labelled, is an island of many delights. For a younger generation it’s a haven, full of fun-filled parties, thriving bars and nightclubs, diverse restaurants and golden, sandy beaches. For others, it has all those things and an added touch of elegance with some of its architectural beauty and scenic routes, great for hikers. There’s also a great extreme sports scene for enthusiasts so perhaps consider a base jump during your time there.


The capital is Zakynthos Town and features the primary shops on the island as well as an attractive harbour where tourists can take ferry rides.Keri is another strong tourist location with its quaint, charming little setting and small pebble beaches. The village is nestled pleasantly in the mountains which makes for some very attractive scenery, looking out over the Mediterranean, epitomising the class and beauty of the Greek Islands. Families should be sure to head for Tsilivi, a family oriented destination with a strong selection of hotels, supermarkets and other customer amenities.

Laganas is one of the liveliest places in Zante and is the only place worth caring about if you are 18-25. The main street is dotted with various nightclubs and is almost exclusively set up for the younger generation looking to come, let loose and have a good time. The beaches are very pretty and can be good for families during the day but when night falls, get ready to see a very different side to this relaxed, Mediterranean island.

The Kalamaki to Laganas Beach is long and winding, usually attracting quite a crowd and can be quite overwhelming at times. It runs for miles and is usually kept very clean which helps to attract tourists and characterises Laganas as a popular resort.

So where to go on a night out in Laganas? The clubs and bars feature great music and great deals on drinks long into the night. The places that must be visited include the Cherry Bay Beach Club, a cheesy but entertaining venue set by the sea, perfect for dancing off the sun-soaked day. Another popular venue is Rescue Club, one of the clubs at Laganas’ very heart and a strong part of its party selection. There’s an outside bar for those tired of the tunes indoors and features some world-renowned DJs. Finally, Zeros is perhaps the most popular club and one of the biggest. The interior is split into two levels to accommodate more party-goers and there is a bar outside. All these clubs and bars come together to offer an experience that really peels back the layers of Zante’s mysterious, enigmatic status.