5 Things to do in Bodrum

Bodrum is the ultimate holiday destination, offering the historic, the beautiful and the affordable all in one. These words rarely feature together when describing an ideal holiday, it’s no wonder Bodrum continues to be a firm favourite and return destination for thousands.

As one of the Turkish tourism centres, flights to Bodrum are frequent, keeping flight prices affordable and as the main airport lies only 35km away from town, your commute is comfortable, quick and rather cheap. Accommodation is also plentiful ranging from the luxurious to the basic self catering; something for every budget. Once you’ve booked your flight and bed, here’s a list of seven things not to miss in Bodrum.

St Peter’s Castle


This is the home of the Museum of Underwater Archeology where you’ll find 3000 years worth of riches from shipwrecks from the local coast. Look for the fabulous gold seal of Queen Nefertiti, from the famous 14th-Century BC Uluburun shipwreck. The ship was found in 1982 close to Bodrum, 120ft down, with enough metal aboard to make weapons for an entire army. Built in 1402 the castle is probably the most prominent landmark in the city and is one of the best examples of medieval architecture anywhere in the world with excellent views of the town.

Sail Away


Mornings are best spent in the water. The wind tends to pick up in the afternoon, so taking a morning stroll along the beach with a quick dip in the calm, flat water is an absolute must. The activity is bound to offer instant relaxation.

When the winds do pick up, don’t rush from the water. Get onto a boat and do what has been done in Bodrum for more than 2000 years. Sail.

Wonders of the World


There are two original Wonders of the World in Bodrum – the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the remains of the Temple of Artemis at the huge Greek and Roman city of Ephesus. While these can be quite busy, they’re certainly worth a visit. Later, head away from the crowds and visit more tranquil ruins by taking the boat tour to the nearby Datca peninsula. At the very end is quiet Kindos.

Don’t Miss a Dolmus-Bus


Once the heat has subsided has subsided in the afternoon, hope aboard a dolmus public minibus. They’re cheap and handy and crisscross the high and ancient terrain of terraced fields, giving thrilling glimpses of islands, capes and inlets on a brilliant azure sea. You’ll also find plenty of locals aboard the minibuses. Get local advice for the best fish restaurants and reaffirm the direction you need to walk in. Getting to landmarks is not difficult via a dolmus but if you’re less inclined, car hire is a viable option – although not nearly as entertaining.

Sun and Sea


It’s impossible to not spend time in the sun. It’s one of Bodrum’s greatest attractions. The water is warm, crystal clear and swimming areas are cordoned off to protect swimmers from boats. After you’ve enjoyed a relaxing swim in the sea, it’s time to prop your feet up on one of the many sun-beds and bean bags scattered in front of beach bars and restaurants. The sun-beds are free to use but do expect an enthusiastic waiter to visit you regularly. If this is the price of the sun, I’m willing to pay it!