How to hook up in a hostel (As told from a hostel manager who has seen it all)

Having been a hostel manager, I am certain that every room has been rife with sexual activity at some point. It was confirmed as a long-term guest with a wide grin points out every surface he had done the deed on. Later on, a hostel guest complains of hearing disturbing noises and seeing shadows in the night. Sigh. Time to sanitize.

If you’re a single traveler, there is no place better to find a potential fling partner (or engage in a heavy makeout session) than a hostel. People come as strangers and leave as lovers. I’ve even set some guests up with locals from time to time. Why are people so receptive to sexual encounters at a hostel? Many young adults are traveling alone. They are looking to make friends and to party. It’s easy to begin a conversation with a fellow traveler. Inhibitions are lessened as nobody knows you. Add alcohol from the hostel bar and it gets even easier. Most of all, it’s simple to extract oneself from the situation. One or both of you will leave town shortly after. It’s a clean break.

After an evening of chatting and flirting, you’ve decided to take it to the next level. Now nobody wants to catch an eyeful or hear the bed squeaking at night. What to do? Here are few ways to get it on while staying at a hostel.

1. Making a “privacy screen”
Simply take towels, sheets, blankets to create a makeshift curtain encircling your bed. Do this only as a last resort. Everyone knows what you’re up to, but at least you can be comforted by the illusion of privacy. At the very least, have some respect and try to be as quiet as possible.

2. In the shower
Not the cleanest or most comfortable option, but since it provides a private space, it makes sense. A bonus: handicap equipped bathrooms become a jungle gym with an array of bars to hold onto. AND DO NOT USE THE SINK AS A SEX LEDGE. Someone attempted that at my hostel and the sink was nearly ripped from the wall. Ditto with the now collapsed shelving unit. You know what? Just don’t sit on anything.

3. Get creative
There are little nooks and crannies all over hostels where one could potentially have sex. Be it an empty kitchen, a closet, under the stairs, wherever. However, do be prepared for the possibility of getting caught. There is nothing more awkward than trying to have sex in the laundry room and getting walked in on by a guest (true story… whoops).

4. In the afternoon
Your best bet to enjoy your rendezvous in peace is in the mid-afternoon. After 2pm, generally the rooms have been cleaned (no employees), backpackers are out and about exploring the city, leaving you with an abandoned dorm for several hours. Just be aware of sporadic check-ins and perpetual nappers.

5. Private room
The classy way to go about a hostel hookup is to book a private room for the night. Without worry, you are free to enjoy each other all night. If you’re truly devious, look to see if any private rooms are unlocked. With that said, don’t linger in the room the next morning if you haven’t paid for it. Then you’ll get kicked out and it’s awkward for everyone involved.

6. Al fresco
Why have sex in the hostel at all? Having sex outside is thrilling, fun, and always makes a good story. The best place I’ve ever had sex while traveling was during a ferris wheel ride. Privacy and a good view. Win-win.