“Scandinavianed” Away

Northern Europe boasts some of the most elegant and breathtaking destinations for travellers in the entire world. While many of us may envision the Mediterranean countries or Central America as prime holiday destinations, Scandinavia is indeed an attractive alternative, and with countless flights to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, this region can provide a pleasant alternative when planning the perfect holiday. So, let us have a quick look at three cities which are sure to enchant and provide memories that can last a lifetime.


As there are numerous flights to Copenhagen from London, it is no surprise that countless visitors from the UK frequent this stunning city each year. This region includes such attractions as a 1913 bronze statue of The Little Mermaid (the same character which the famous cartoon movie was based upon) as well as the world renowned Tivoli Gardens. The visitor is greeted by an enchanted world of tree-lined walkways and a wealth of fragrant flowers. During the evenings, countless lights glimmer from the treetops, lending a truly magical air to one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. Should the visitor wish to do a bit of shopping, the Strøget shopping square can cater to nearly every need imaginable while being set in the backdrop of a truly magnificent city square.


This eclectic city is both pristine and beautiful at the same time. Indeed, Stockholm is perfect for travellers who wish to experience both the hustle and bustle of a modern metropolis while having the choice of enjoying the peace and quiet of quaint cafes and verdant green parks. There are numerous flights to Stockholm and visitors can partake in countless attractive venues certain to delight. The Museum of Modern Art houses various works from Dali, Picasso and Matisse while the building itself is a striking example of post-modernist architecture. On the other hand, one may choose to partake in a quiet breakfast at Kungsholmen harbour while enjoying the tranquil panoramic view of fishing boats setting out from port. The ancient medieval quarter known as Gamla Stan can provide the visitor with a unique perspective on ancient city life while the captivating island of Djurgarden offers travellers a break from the city centre and provides excellent views of the city’s waterfront. As cheap flights to Stockholm abound, it is no wonder why so many visitors enjoy this city.


Oslo is a perfect example of traditional Scandinavian culture coexisting in with our modern times. This city is a vibrant mix of the old and the new. Visitors can revel at the ancient cannons located at Akershus Fortress or instead take in a bit of culture by attending the Norwegian Opera and Ballet. Steeped in history, Oslo’s viking ship museum houses one of the two most well-preserved viking ships dating back from the 9th century. Additionally, the Natural History Museum tells the interesting geologic past of the region and is surrounded by a botanical garden housing over 7,500 individual species of flowers. Otherwise, visitors can enjoy a tranquil cup of coffee or tea while taking in the sun at Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park. An excellent panoramic view of the city itself can be found by visiting the Holmenkollen Ski Museum and climbing to the top of a massive observation tower. Cheap flights to Oslo can be encountered year-round, thus making this another attractive destination.

These three cities are often thought of as the “crown jewels” of Scandinavia. As cheap flights to Stockholm and countless flights to Copenhagen and Oslo provide the holidaymaker with a number of travel options, Scandinavia may indeed be the perfect holiday getaway for those looking to add a bit of flavour to their next vacation.