SoCal Symphonies: Where To Go

Southern California is something of a Mecca for classical music lovers. There are so many different symphony companies and venues to choose from when it comes to indulging in your favorite types of music. In this article we will tell you how to properly immerse yourself in the classics if you live in this region of the country.

Hollywood Bowl California
Hollywood Bowl, California

Play it Yourself!

One of the best ways to really get into the classics is to learn how to play them yourself. Southern California is the entertainment capital of the world so the opportunities to learn how to play an instrument or become a better vocalist are all over the place. You can learn from a TakeLessons teacher, go to classes at one of the many schools, or even teach yourself to play using digital and Internet based tools.

See It Live

The Los Angeles Philharmonic is world famous. They play regularly at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. In addition to classical concerts, they also play for vocalists of every stripe and lend their services to solo artists like Itzhak Perlman and Wynton Marsalis. You can also watch famous conductors put the orchestra through their paces. In February and March, for example, Gustavo Dudamel is leading the Philharmonic in Stravinsky’s The Firebird.

The San Diego Symphony has 82 musicians but will regularly bring in more, depending on what it is that they are going to play. They are the pit or “house” orchestra for the San Diego Opera as well as provide accompaniment for several different events and shows in La Jolla. In addition to classical music, they also offer shows of pops and jazz music. Through the end of February and early March, the Symphony will be playing Dvorak’s Sixth.

Fun Venues

Is there any venue more famous and worth going to than the Hollywood Bowl? Everybody plays the Hollywood Bowl at some point (and it’s been used in a bunch of different movies). The LA Philharmonic plays there sometimes and the concert hall is a must stop on every classical music enthusiast’s calendar.

The La Jolla Music Society is a fantastic venue that must be experienced by every classical music fan. The tickets to shows there are usually on the pricey side but the environment there is one of the most famous of the entire San Diego music scene and definitely needs to be experienced at least once.

You see? There are plenty of ways that you can scratch your classical music itch when you live in or are visiting Southern California.