Treat the other half to a memorable London adventure

If you find yourself struggling to think of what to buy your other half when a special occasion rolls around, worry not – there are many others in exactly the same boat. Trotting out the same gifts for every occasion, year after year, can become tiresome for you and a tad boring for your other half.

 Big Ben

Perfume, aftershave, chocolates, flowers, and similar gift items are nice on occasion, but nobody wants to end up receiving them over and over again for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries. So if you want to break away from the norm and treat your partner to a travel experience.


An exciting trip to England’s vibrant capital could be just the ticket. It’s easy to forget just what a fascinating city London actually is, with its incredible rich history and its vast array of attractions. There are so many things to do in London and so much to see that you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Whether you visit London for just a day or whether you decide to stay a few days for a romantic break, you will be able to enjoy as full an itinerary as you want in this attraction-packed city.


From popular tourist attractions such The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye, to more obscure and fascinating attractions such as the Jack the Ripper tour, you will find plenty to keep you both busy and enthralled whilst you are here. On top of this you have excellent shopping, an incredible array of theatre and entertainment venues, and some fabulous dining options. GoSeeDo is great for deciding what to do in London, has information on loads of attractions all around the world. You can also find information as well as great deals on all the aforementioned attractions.


Make your London trip a more memorable experience


If you want to make sure that you both have a memorable and exciting time in London, a gift experience from GoSeeDo could be the perfect solution. You can choose from a huge range of experiences, from fascinating sightseeing tours through to exciting quad biking days, wildlife experiences, or even experiences that will allow you to explore the more sinister side of London’s past.


One of the great things about booking an experience is that it gives you the chance to treat your other half to a completely new and possibly unexpected experience. It means that rather than the usual, run of the mill gifts, you can present something unique, exciting, and tailored to your partner’s interests. Of course, the other great thing is that you also get to enjoy it as well – a benefit that you definitely wouldn’t get if you opted for the usual fragrance or toiletries!


When you pre-book your experiences ready for your London adventure, you can organise your time far more effectively and pre-arrange your perfect day. You could arrange to enjoy a spot of designer shopping in the morning, lunch on the Thames in the afternoon, and finish the day sipping champagne on the London Eye as you take in the bright lights of the city from a whole new perspective.