Dishes You Simply Must Try In Thailand This Year

Thailand is not only teemed with beautiful beaches and temples, but it is known for its delicious food which, much of which is amazing. It is hard to describe the feeling when you taste its food which is a fusion of something sour, sweet, bitter, salty and hot, however when it comes to Thai food, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the traditional greats.

Like its diverse culture and ethnicity, Thai food is uniquely prepared to differentiate its taste from other cuisines in the world. Tourists would love to reminisce how they enjoy their food in Thailand because the taste is devilishly exciting and yummy,from sautéed grasshoppers and roasted bats to steamed bugs and ant egg soup.Let’s take a look at some of dishes you simply must try in Thailand this year.

Pad Thai

If pasta is for Italians, then Pad Thai is for Thais. This delectable Thai food is familiar to travelers because it is ubiquitous in night markets, homes and restaurants. There are numerous version recipes of Pad Thai but the original recipe calls for noodles garnished with bean sprouts, cabbage, onions, eggs, chicken and tofu.

For final touches, it is served with crushed peanuts, pickled peppers, and lime, and then it is seasoned with fish sauce, sugar and chili powder. Since it was first introduced in Thailand by Vietnamese travelers, Pad Thai has become one of the country’s most favorite dishes.

Tom Yum Goong & Tom Yum Kung

The flavor of most Thai food is enhanced by its homegrown herbs. A good combination of kaffir lime leaves, fresh galangal, shallots and lemongrass mixed with chili, chicken broth and fish sauce makes this shrimp dish a favorite among tourists. They love to eat this food because it is appealing, and the flavor is simply irresistible.

For garnishing, fresh cilantro is spread on top. Tom Yum Kung has a version recipe which is cooked without coconut milk, and it offers a good balance of saltiness, sour, sweet and spicy. Thai people believe that this is an excellent home remedy to cure colds and cough.

Tom Kha Gai

This is similar to a Filipino dish called chicken tinola or chicken soup; however the difference in the Thai version is the presence of kaffir lime leaf, palm sugar, nam prik phao or roasted chili paste, cilantro and galangal. Chicken cooked in thick coconut milk is perhaps the most stimulating soup in the world, and adding flavor to this soup is galangal or ginger and lemon grass.

Have a taste of Tom Kha Gai if you visit Thailand and there’s no doubt that you’ll ask for another serving. Tourist do not miss a single meal without tasting this delicious food that is simple to cook yet most Thai would prefer to order them from restaurants.

Kuay Tiew

Thai love to eat noodles from breakfast to dinner. They have the best noodle recipes that can replicate their Chinese counterparts, and Kuay Tiew is one of them, made of rice flour mixed with egg. Tourists love to savor the Thai noodle version which is always included in their top favorite list, and this is cooked with any type of edible meat such as chicken, pork duck or seafood.

There is nothing like experiencing Thai food in Thailand itself. If you get chance to go out there your taste buds are in for a treat.

If you can’t make it there experimenting at home is the next best thing and it can be fun.