5 Best Theme Parks for Kids

You remember the thrill of theme parks as a kid- the rush of a roller coaster, the zippy slide and splash at a water park, and the magical moment of meeting your favorite characters in real life! Re-live the magic with your own kids today at some of the best theme parks out there! Here are 5 to check out around the world:

Everland Korea
Everland, S.Korea

Alton Towers – UK It’s the UK’s largest theme park, with attractions for kids of every age and ability to enjoy. Big kids will love the terror of the Oblivion’s sheer vertical drop and many elaborate roller coasters, while pre-teens will enjoy slightly tamer Congo River Rapids and the little ones can play safely in Cloud Cuckoo Land. The Sea Life Center and water park will appeal to kids of all ages. The park has great hotel accommodation so your family can stay nearby in comfort.


Disneyworld – Orlando, Florida, USA It’s the happiest place on Earth, an experience your kids will never forget! Don’t try to do everything in a few days; you’ll find yourself exhausted! Instead, find cheap Disney tickets, book a week at one of the many resorts and work your way through all the sights and activities. The kids will love the Magic and Animal Kingdoms, Epcot Center, all the characters, rides and whimsical attractions to be found in this magical park. Orlando could have featured a few times more actually, an an honourable mention goes to Universal Studios, an absolute must for movie buffs, and with Universal tickets available online, there’s no excuse not to go there too!


Legoland – Denmark The original Legoland in Denmark has put 40 million people through its gates in the last 40 years since it opened! It has plenty to fascinate kids (and adults!) of all ages, divided into 10 worlds with everything from a Western town to a pirate land, Knight’s Kingdom and Polar Land, all made from those colorful Lego blocks. A Duplo Land entertains the small tots while the older kids explore the many other areas of the park.


Everland- South Korea The name of this park has recently been changed from Farmland, which is good because it now reflects how awesome it is! It’s got the world’s steepest roller coaster, a massive zoo, and huge outdoor water park called Caribbean Bay. There’s a Global Village boat ride showing worldwide customs and traditions, scenes and miniatures from countries all over the world.


Cedar Point – Ohio, USA Cedar Point has repeatedly been named the Best Amusement Park in the World for its crazy amount of roller coasters winning awards in all sorts of categories. It has 15 roller coasters, third most in the world, and plenty of family attractions and water rides to entertain everyone from the biggest thrill seekers to families and kids looking for a more relaxed time!