What to Consider When Choosing Your Airport

This is a very important and underrated detail that many travelers may over look. When leaving any major city you will have to choose what airport you want to leave from. It isn’t always the most obvious details that you should use to make your decision. Here are a few things to think about before you book that flight you’ve been looking at.


Where They Fly To

Don’t let the airport dictate where you want to vacation. Not all airports in the same areas run to the same places. In fact, they often have several different destinations. Make sure you check all of the airports in the area and see if where you want to go has a flight from whichever airport is the most convenient before you start making compromises.

Cost of Flight

This is one of the big ones for obvious reasons. Saving money is a must when traveling, especially if you want to travel further and longer. Some airports host different airlines that will have varying prices for flights. A good example is that some airports will carry discount airlines and others won’t.

Distance From Your Home

Remember how ever far you have to travel to get to the airport to leave, is the same distance you have to travel to get home. The trip home is always more miserable and seems longer than the one out. Especially if you’re driving this can be a make or break deal for a choice of airport. You’ll have to take into consideration airport parking and gas when figuring out your cost of travel. Sometimes a flight thats more expensive may be cheaper in the long run after counting gas money and parking money.


Some airports have a ton of shops and are basically mini malls. They have restaurants and some even have sleep centers. These may sound ridiculous now, but they won’t be when you have a long lay over or a long delay. This is when the airport bar becomes your best friend. You also want to check on what the parking situation is like if you drive. Birmingham airport parking and the parking at Bristol airport may be quite different. You won’t want to walk a long lot to get your car after a long flight. Sometimes its all in the amenities when making these kinds of choices.