4 Interesting Landmarks to Visit in Barcelona in a Day

Barcelona, being the second largest city of Spain, is home to so many beautiful places to see, people to meet, and culture to experience. But if you happen to only be blessed with one day in Barcelona, don’t worry… So much can be seen and done in this beautiful city and one day will most definitely be more than enough to take your breath away!

La Sagrada Familia
The most famous tourist attraction in Barcelona and one of the most famous must-see churches in the world is this beautiful structure started by Spain’s very own Antonio Gaudi in 1882 and is up to now still being continuously built. It has been an ongoing construction since 1882 and is hoped to be finished by 2026. This structure is one of the most interesting pieces of architecture in Barcelona because of the very intricate details in every square inch of the church both on the outside and on the inside. It is very fascinating to see closely because you can really appreciate the precision and perplexity of each carving as it was made to perfection over all of these years. It is also interesting to observe how the structure evolves within itself as decades pass by with different architecture styles come into play in the church.


The Sagrada Familia is definitely a must-see in Barcelona and is worth it to go inside and appreciate its interior as well. But if you only have a day, make sure you buy your tickets online in advance because the queue to buy a ticket and get inside can take quite a while especially during the peak seasons.

La Pedrera
Along Passeig de Gracia are some of Barcelona’s modernist buildings, all of which display a mix of different and creative architectural styles that embody the creativity, life, and vibrance of Spain. But one specific building that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Barcelona is the La Pedrera or more commonly known as Casa Mila. It depicts once again the style and technique of the very unique Antonio Gaudi as he redefines how curves and arches can be used in so many different ways to create such a beautiful masterpiece.


Park Güell
If after seeing the La Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila, you think you’re impressed by Gaudi, wait ‘til you enter the breathtaking and infinitely playful Park Güell. From the moment you enter the park and as you go around and through it, you will really have a sneak peek into what I believe is one of the most imaginative and creative minds of all. Antonio Gaudi really made it a point to let go of all rules and structures of art in this park and he simply let his mind and hands go crazy as he created works of art that could never be imitated nor duplicated by anyone. This public park is a beautiful place to take-in the life and culture of Barcelona as you can experience not only Gaudi’s work but the work of other artists as well. There are usually musicians and other artists that stay in the park to showcase their talent and where else would it be best to show-off your God-given gifts if not in the place where creativity is not only most welcome but are overflowing.


La Rambla
La Rambla is the most famous street in Barcelona as it stretches for about 1.2km connecting the Plaça de Catalunya with the Christopher Columbus Monument. It is usually filled with both tourists and locals alike as it displays an array of various stalls, artists, and unique finds. If you only have a limited time in Barcelona, this is one pathway you would definitely want to walk through because it simply summarizes Barcelona in a street with the mix of things that you will encounter in it. A little tip though, as this street can get way too busy and crowded at times, make sure you always have an eye on your valuables!