Review: Belkin Power Pack 1000 — Travel Buddy for your Smart Phones

Us lady travellers carry smart phones that connect us to our homes — we browse the net, connect on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, turn on our roaming to be easily reached. Unfortunately, the life span aka battery life nowadays of smart phones do not meet our daily necessities when we are out and about.

So having that need to be “always connected” I was happy to get a hold of Belkin power pack 1000.

The Good
It’s just small and portable it can even fit in your pocket and just grab it when your battery’s starting to die on you — dimension is just 3 x 1.7 x 0.4 inches, weighs only 1.3 ounces.

It comes with a USB to micro-USB cable to charge it off, and luckily, if you own a phone that can charge with a micro-usb, you can use that same cable.

It also is very universal. If you do not own a phone that ues a micro USB, as long as you have a USB-to-whatever-end-your-cellphone-has cable, this power pack will surely work for you.

The Not So Good
The fact that it’s universal has its own cons. I’ll take the example of an iPhone as I used it for such. As it does not have a cable for the phone itself, you have to carry along your unequally long cable (with the tendencies of being left behind).

It being 1000 mAh only, it can only partially charge your smartphone. So if you will have a very long day with high dependency on your smartphone, after an hour’s worth of charging — where you most likely have filled 50% of your battery back — you might end up losing backup charge at the later part of the day outdoors.

With ony more or less one hour’s worth of charging, the Belkin device takes a bit longer to charge up — around 3-4 hour top.

A pretty good little thing to keep your phone up. Depending on your smartphone use, you may find it useful or a little less useful. Just heads up for those looking for Belkin power packs. Hapy travels, and happy charging!