5 Best Places for an Underwater Experience

Taking the waters has been one of the hobbies of travelers like you and me. But apart from just swimming in the beaten path of the beaches. Why not look at something different. A unique underwater experience, that is. Let’s take a plunge of what can be an interesting underwater experience in the different parts of the globe.

Blue Hole in Mexico

Traveler divers get away from the heat of Mexico to plunge. And more adventurous ones plunge into a cold deep blue hole of 80 feet down under in Santa Rosa and experience what it feels like to dive in what looks like a giant cylinder. But if you are with a group of courageous friends, but not brave enough to dive into the hole, you can simply dip into the lake nearby.

Mexico Santa Rosa bluehole

Underwater Hotel in Fiji

Think of an accommodation that is below sea level, wouldn’t it be oddly fun? I believe so. In Fiji, you can experience staying in a hotel that is 40 feet below sea level. Hotel guests go here not by swimming, but through an elevator. Apart from enjoying the sea’s view from your room window, this underwater hotel also has complete amenities including conference rooms, sports areas, etc. Definitely, this is a lavish indulgence.

underwater bedroom in Fiji

Dubai’s Underwater Zoo

Kids can close their science books that tackles the life beneath the sea surface. The Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall. Meant for the family and travelers curious to the marine life, it offers thousands of  sea creatures — bog and small — you can see in a viewing panel as if you are underwater yourself.

Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo

Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada

The idea of an underwater sculpture is a fairly new idea that came to life in 2006 when the British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor created cement sculptures and put in onto the ocean floor of the Caribbean ocean. His cement sculptures are very detailed and can be seen from 12 meters and deeper. If you are a snorkeler or diver who looks into visiting Grenada, this park is one true gem in the underwater.

Underwater sculpture Circle of Unity

Diving in Malaysia’s Soyak Wreck

In Tioman Island facing Salang Bay, the Soyak Wreck has been a go-to place of night divers to have a view of a picturesque underwater. Yes,  sites like these has been an ideal venue for an underwater photography experience. Whether a beginner or an expert divers can plunge into its 12 to 55 meter depth.

Soyak Wreck Site