3 Tips To Efficient Travel Packing

To some women (and men, too!) packing seems such a chore. But if we don’t pack, then how are we going to start with our trip? Better yet, if we don’t pack smartly and efficiently, then our luggage could actually spell the difference between a successful and a disastrous side story of our trip.

So here are some tips to get you going with your packing.

Pack one or two days in advance

Many female travelers are quick to dismiss this one. They say that when they pack the day (or the night) of their trip, then they are more efficient in focusing on what needs to be brought and what needs to be left behind.

Well, guess what? That’s not true. What if you forgot to send your favorite pants to the laundry, or to bring along your smart phone’s charger? If you pack one day before you leave, then you might even have some time to purchase much-needed supplies or send dirty clothes to the laundry. And yes, you need to do all of these things and not take any chances.

Bring what you can

Even a hotel brochure or the destination’s tourist website says that shops are “of walking distance” and everything is within reach, can be off the grid. Although we can always rely to hotel services and nearby malls, chances are, this will even add up to the expenses you can just spend for shopping or food trips.

This is also a way of not wasting precious travel time. Imagine, instead of touring around the place and sampling new delicacies, you are spending a fraction of your trip with very trivial things. Don’t waste your time that way.

Be Organized

organized packing

Have a pouch, case or just a ziplock for each of the set of small stuff you are bringing — like electronic chargers, toiletries, make-ups, and the list goes on. This is to avoid you to scramble through your luggage finding every item you need when you get there. Again, time is always of the essence.


The aim of going on a trip is to enjoy the experience of a new place in order to bring home good memories. Don’t start your trip with stress by packing late.

So pack early and have a great trip!