5 Reasons Why it’s Awesome to Travel as a Girl

Ladies, let’s face it: The world is an awesome place, and you’ve got the travel bug BADLY! Whether you’re into traveling solo or exploring the world with some fellow wanderers, consider yourself lucky to be an adventurous lady, because we’ve got it great out there on the traveling road- here’s why!

1. Women are Great at Listening to Their Intuition

When traveling, so many situations require a good sense of intuition. From feeling out a good area to stay to making first impressions, we’re constantly listening to our “gut” and going with the flow. Luckily, most women have a stronger sense of intuition than men, so we’re likely to be good at making snap decisions when it counts.

2. Women Are More Approachable

Women are seen as less threatening and intimidating than men, so you should have no problems meeting locals and other travelers along the way. If you make friends with locals, you’re more likely to be trusted and invited into their house or family- doors literally are open to you!

3. Women can More Easily Remember Faces and Words

Once you’ve made all these friends on the road, you want to keep them! Studies have shown that women surpass men in remember faces and conversations, so you’ll more easily remember people you run across again in your travels. You’ll also be able to judge their character because you can more easily notice any inconsistencies in your conversations.

4. More Teaching Jobs Are Available

Teaching English abroad is a fantastic way to life your dream and earn money while doing it. In many countries (such as in Southeast Asia), women are actually preferred over men for teaching jobs, especially for jobs working with younger children.

5. Women Pick Up Languages More Easily

Studies show that women can pick up and use languages more easily than men, which can be an absolute asset when traveling. Being able to use a few phrases wherever you go will enrich your experience and help you relate with the local culture.