Five reasons why you need travel insurance

If the world was a perfect place then we wouldn’t need to buy travel insurance, unfortunately it isn’t. Accidents happen, flights get cancelled, natural disasters and war are always happening, so it is essential for you to have insurance before you travel. Bupa & others offer some fantastic travel insurance policies to give you peace of mind when you travel. Here are five reasons for you to buy travel insurance.


Stress free

You will have peace of mind if you buy insurance, of course you are never planning for something bad to happen but if it does then you know you will be taken care of.

Covers Cancellation

If your holiday is cancelled before you leave then you will receive a refund if you are covered, with no travel insurance then you will not only miss your holiday you will also lose every penny.

Losing your passport

One of the worst things that can happen when you are in a foreign country is that you will lose your passport. It can be a real headache to get a replacement document and also very expensive, insurance will cover you and mean that you won’t need to pay the costs.


If you need to get home quickly or need emergency treatment then insurance will cover the costs, if you don’t have cover you could end up having to remortgage your house to cover all the costs that you will incur. Imagine if you have to be airlifted off a mountain, then have serious surgery, the costs will be astronomical! Make sure that it is travel insurance company that is footing the bill, if you think travel insurance is expensive then wait until you have an accident.

Legal cover

Yes, it seems unlikely that you will need legal expenses covered when you’re on your holiday but you really don’t know about what will happen when you’re away. If you happen to have an accident that is someone else’s fault then you are well within your rights to claim for damages. This is only possible if it is covered in your policy so read the small print closely.