All aboard: Travel by Train Across Europe

Travelling by train across Europe is without a shadow of a doubt the best way to see the place. I was used to taking a mix of buses, planes and trains before but now it’s a train every time if I am in Europe! Everyone that has travelled across Europe by train knows that it is the best value for money, most comfortable and convenient way to get around.  You only have to look at how nice the TGV trains are to see that you want to travel on one of them wherever you can! Everyone that has used the train to get across the continent will tell you just how great it is.

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If you are looking to do it yourself then I advise you to avoid waiting until the last minute to book your tickets. If you have a eurail pass, and you definitely should get one, then you will be able to book your seats in advance, in some countries you may just have to turn up to get on the train so check before you go.  You need to do your homework and make sure that the train you get on is valid for your pass, if it is then it’s brilliant!

The good thing about your Eurail pass is that you get a lot of information that comes along with it. When you make your purchase you will also be given a map and a detailed train timetable, using this information you are able to plan your route quite easily indeed. You can even download the app for your phone or tablet, I strongly advise you to do so because when ever you have a minute you can take your phone out and plan a little bit more of your journey!

I hope you have an amazing time travelling throughout this amazing continent by train, remember to get your Eurail pass to make things extra simple! You will meet so many like minded people travelling using the train, I met some great people along the way who I am still friends with today. Don’t hesitate, life is to short for that, get out there and explore Europe, it’s right on our doorstep!