Campervan Tips for New Zealand

Choosing a campervan

Campervans come in all different shapes and sizes, so you first need to decide how many people will be travelling in your group. If there are just two of you then any camper will suffice for your Kiwi adventure. In new Zealand every person traveling in a camper must have their own seat by law. This includes children and must be considered when deciding which camper to rent.

6 Berth campervans are the largest available in New Zealand and can sleep up to 7 people! But for space and comfort, most people prefer to travel in smaller groups.


Types of Campervans

Depending on where it is you would like to see, you will need to consider whether you will need a 4WD campervan or a standard front wheel drive. New Zealand has great roads and very good gravel roads, but if you want to get really secluded for a few days in your camper, you might want to get a 4WD camper.


Best Time to Travel in New Zealand

The seasons can all come in one day in New Zealand and driving conditions can be treacherous along the mountain passes in winter-time. The best time for a camper trip is in summer but spring and autumn will have a comfortable temperature for you to enjoy the land.

Winter can be cold but if you are planning on staying at campsites, there will be power-points and some of the newer motorhomes have great gas heating which will make a night in the wilderness as comfortable as anywhere.


Summer: December, January and February 

Autumn: March, April and May 

Winter: June, July and August 

Spring: September, October and November


If you just want to experience the freedom of camping and create lifelong memories in a campervan then start planning an epic trip around the scenic landscape of New Zealand.


Travel Slow and Enjoy New Zealand

The main advantage of a campervan hire is the ability to travel at your own pace and stop when and where you like. So with a campervan, you are not stuck to a set schedule. If you want to relax by the beach, spend a few extra days exploring, lounge by a lake or check out the shops, then you can do it! There is so much to do and see between these two beautiful islands and a trip will leave memories forever engraved in your soul of this perfect paradise.