Travel Insurance: Top tips to find the best deals

Finding the right travel insurance is essential, there are so many companies out there  offering insurance that it can sometimes be confusing You need to understand all aspects of the insurance so that you can make an informed decision. If you look at Direct Insurance  & see the information available to you it will make the task seem a lot less daunting. Here are some great tips to help you through the process of finding travel insurance.


Buy from the right person

If you are considering purchasing your travel insurance from a tour operator or airline then you should probably think again. This will, usually, cost you more than if you choose to buy from another company.

What cover do you need?

Think about what items you are bringing with you; iPhone, Laptop, camera or iPad. If you buy a cheap policy the excess might end up costing you more than it does to buy a new phone or computer. You need to find cover that includes, medical, cancellation and possession cover.

Check the excess

The excess is the amount of money that you gave to pay towards any claim that you make. For example if you are claiming for a $800 laptop, then the amount paid out by the insurance company will be $800 minus your excess. Some companies will charge you excess once per claim where as other will charge you an excess for medical claims, an excess for loss ext Read the small print before committing yourself.

What cover do you already have?

Check your home insurance policy, some policies will cover your belongings even if they outside of your home. If this is the case then you need don’t need cover to include your belongings when buying travel insurance. Some credit cards and current accounts now also offer travel insurance, the insurance offered may not always be enough so either give your bank a call or read the small print.

Do you need annual cover?

If you take more than two holidays per year then it makes more sense for you to by annual cover. Buy a multi trip policy, this will give you peace of mind every time you fly overseas. It will also save you money, annual cover works out a lot cheaper than purchasing single trip cover every time you go away.