Discover Capri for a sunshine break in Italy

Italy is one my favourite destinations in the world to travel to, and I never struggle to find something new to see and fall in love with. If you love Italy as much as I do, one place you should definitely visit is the island of Capri.

There are many reasons why I’m incredibly drawn to this southern Italian island, situated off the western coast near to Sorrento and Naples; I’ll list a few below and I’m sure you’ll be just as keen to head there as I am after reading them.

• The food

As a foodie, I’d happily go anywhere that was famous for its delicious food, and Capri, as well as the rest of Italy, certainly is! You can expect to find restaurants offering mouth-watering dishes all over the island, so you don’t have to worry too much about where you dine, as most eateries will offer tasty homemade meals using local recipes.

There are a number of traditional Caprese dishes that are well worth trying. These include insalata Caprese, which is a salad made of buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil leaves.

It seems as though everywhere in Italy has its own local pasta recipe and Capri is no different. Pasta Caprese is similar to the salad in that its ingredients simply contain mozzarella, basil and tomatoes and, of course, pasta – these taste truly amazing on the island, so it’s no surprise local chefs are keen to use them.

Torta Caprese, you’ll be pleased to know, doesn’t contain these items, and the cake is instead made from almonds and chocolate. Many restaurants will serve these dishes, so it won’t be difficult to locate them. One such place is Al Grottino, which is situated in the centre of the historic quarter of the island, and is housed in an old 15th century building, adding to its charm and character.

• The natural beauty

I also love seeing an area’s natural landmarks on holiday and in Capri there are plenty I could take a look at, including Arco Naturale, or Natural Arch to you and me. This formation has been created by years of waves eroding a grotto penetrating the mountain. As well as being able to take in the remarkable view of the huge archway, you can see lots of other beautiful sights if you walk around the area here.

You can also visit Monte Solara, which, at 589 m tall, overlooks the island and the surrounding sea. I would take a chairlift to the peak in order to get the best views from Capri, taking in the sights of the Bay of Naples and the Bay of Salerno. If you fancy stretching your legs, it is a good idea to descend  the mountain on an hour-long walk.

• The monuments

Like most other places in Italy, Capri is full of old monuments, which is perfect if you’re a history fan like I am. One place I’d love to go to is Castello Barborossa, which is a castle situated on cliffs in the north-east of the island.

I’d also love to visit Malaparte House, an intriguing-looking home that once belonged to author Curzio Malaparte. You can learn more about his character by visiting this property, with the house having strange features like square windows and a trapezoidal staircase.

Whether you come to Capri, just make sure you come here one way or another. There’s so much to see and do here, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.