Why Italy is one of the world’s best holiday locations

Italy has 46.1 million tourists a year making it the world’s fifth highest tourist earner and the fifth most visited country in the world. Italy is home to the most world heritage sites compared to any other country on the planet. Italy is famous for its art, cuisine, fashion, history and culture, along with its scenic beaches and beautiful mountains.


Romeis a place where you can spend a whole year studying its art and historical sites and still be left wanting more. There is so much history in Rome itself that one can be amazed as even spending a week in Rome will not even feel close to being able to enjoy all of its history and heritage. Florence in Italy is again famous for its art and architecture. Be it Michelangelo’s David or anything at all, a traveler will find brilliance emit from every corner in Florence. Venice is one city that is compared to none. The beauty that lies in its passageways is not found anywhere else. Its architecture is stunning and you will love getting lost in its canals because of your desire to wander in such an alluring place. Strolling through its tiny alleyways and taking a gondola ride there through the canals, you will be amazed at how much it has to offer to a person. Venice is known as the city of lovers and you will fall in love with it.

Standing in the ruins of the coliseum imagining what it would have been like with a fight going on there or seeing the ancient roman buildings and thinking of Julius Caesar treading the grounds that you stand upon,it really makes a person realize the amount of history present in Italy.

imagesItaly also has its own share of the Alps and those too are a must visit for any trip to Italy. The calm mountain ranges and beautiful scenic valleys are any tourists dream come true and Italy runs no short of them.

History, culture and art are not all what Italy has to offer. One of Italy’s large tourist destinations is Capri which is an island in the Gulf of Naples. It is absolutely beautiful surrounded by cliffs on one side and the ocean on the other offering something quite different that the rest of Italy.

The food and wine of Italy may perhaps be even called the most Iconic in Europe by some. Italian food is famous all over the world yet its true taste lies in Italy. No one can travel to Italy and not be amazed at the richness of the Italian cuisine. The Italian food wine and desserts are famous world over and you can have a superb dining experience there.

A trip to Italy maybe expensive but it is worth it; the art and the history present there are just so absorbing that it feels like walking into a fantasy. Be it Rome or Milan or Venice or any other place in history Italy is extremely rich in its heritage and a treat for anyone who loves history, art or culture.

Italy, a central tourist destination caters for its tourists as well as any country in the world. The currency used in Italy is the ‘Euro’ and for every dollar, you acquire 0.77 Euros in return. There are an abundance of currency exchangers operating in Italy that charge a miniscule fee to exchange your currency the likes of Travelex, while tourists also have the option to use credit cards, debit cards or ATM machines to withdraw cash in the form of the Italian Euro.