Why you should book your holiday to Sri Lanka now

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with so much for you to enjoy. You will be able to enjoy different cultures, food, festivals, wildlife and so much more. Due to the fact that tourism has been booming in recent years, the country is now setup perfectly to cater for all travellers and all budgets. If you looking for a great holiday then look at Sri Lanka holidays with Thomas Cook, the guys there will be able to advise you and let you know everything that you can do on your holiday. You should always make an effort to talk to an expert before you make a decision, try to talk to all of your friends that have had the pleasure of visiting this fantastic place. Listening to the advice of fellow travellers is invaluable, they will give you a non biased view of their experiences and you will get to know the places to avoid and to visit. Here are some great reasons that will make you want to visit Sri Lanka as soon as possible.Sri-Lanka

The People

Sri Lanka is a multi ethnic, multi religious and multi cultural society, this is due to the large number of foreign immigrants present in the country. There are two main ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, they are Sinhalese and Tamils.


There are festivals all year round in Sri Lanka, because it is such a multi cultural society it means that there are festivals nearly every week. There are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian festivals throughout the year. They are always a colourful affair and tourists are encouraged to go along and experience them for themselves.


Sri Lanka has always strived to protect it’s wildlife and environment. The first wildlife sanctuary was established by the country’s first Buddhist Monarch. There are 14 national parks for you to enjoy, you can go for safari trips in all of them. You should make an effort to see The Sinharja Forest Reserve, it is listed as a UNESCO Word Heritage Site.



With the different cultures present in Sri Lankan society you are sure to find a variety of foods that will suit any taste. Rice and curries are the staple food here, the curries are absolutely fantastic and include a base of anything from potato, eggplant, banana, chicken or fish. You will also be able to find some of the best nuts that you will ever taste, the snacks that are on offer will be one of the highlights of your trip. Leave your diet at the airport and indulge as much as you can in the local cuisine.