How to get the most from your caravan holiday

An increasing number of people are choosing to hire a caravan for the their holidays. Whether is be in their own country or further a field, more and more people are discovering the delights that a caravanning holiday has to offer. One of the biggest appeals of this type of holiday is the low cost, the freedom and the fact that it is on the whole stress free. You can use your own car and bring as much luggage as you like! A caravan holiday with friends is now one of the top things to do. If you are new to caravanning then you will need to avoid the pitfalls that you may encounter when planning, here are some great tips to bear in mind before you make any decisions.

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Do you need a mobile or static caravan?

For some people, the freedom of a having a mobile home is key. They want to to be able to head off, to anywhere, at any time. For others, the comforts offered by a static caravan are everything that they need to have a fantastic holiday. Static caravans are usually much bigger than mobile homes, you are living on a set pot for the duration of your trip and can get a real sense of community. It might also be a good way for your kids to make new friends whilst on holiday – if you return year after year, you will always meet the same people. Of course, a mobile home is ideal if you want to explore as much of the country as possible!

Facilities at the parks

Not all caravan parks will have the same facilities, some will be a lot more upmarket that others. Some parks will have a basic toilet and shower block, whereas others will have everything from entertainment complexes with shops, bars restaurants and even some them park style attractions! Of course, the parks with fewer facilities will be cheaper, but they will also mean that you have to prepare more before you travel. Do your research and check what is on offer at the parks and make sure it meets your needs.


People choose to go caravanning because of the great entertainment that is on offer. Caravan holidays offer a real social atmosphere, the restaurants and bars onsite then to be set up so that people are encouraged to socialise with one another. You will meet people who enjoy the same things as you, your kids will make good friends, and you may even make friends for life.

Pack wisely

You will no doubt be exploring as much as possible, this means that you will need to pack a little more than you do for other holidays. Check the forecast, you will probably need to bring a rain coat and some good boots for hiking. You will need bags for laundry and rubbish, a good head torch, and all the toiletries you use back home.

Set your budget

It is important that you set your budget. You will need to factor in everything from caravan hire, food, entertainment and if you are in a mobile home you need to consider how much you will be spending on fuel during your