How to find a tutor in Hong Kong

It happens to most parents at some time or another, you decide that you child needs a tutor. Hong Kong is an extremely competitive environment, that is why most parents are always trying to find a private tutor Hong Kong (?????? ??). But, where do you begin? Of course there are many places to look. Here are some of ideas for how you should start your search:

Assess you child’s needs

-What subjects are needed? Do you need to look for an English tutor Hong Kong?

-Are there other issues you need to deal with; learning disabilities or too many extra curricular activities?

– Does your child work well with adults, teenagers or peers?

– Which would be better; online tutoring or face to face?

– How much are you willing to spend?

When you have the answers for the above questions then you’re ready to begin your search to find the best suited tutor.

Find a tutor in Hong Kong

There are a number of different ways to find your tutor. You can look at free ad posts online, call agencies or even take a look at which is the newest tutoring platform out there. Which ever route you choose to take, make sure that you ask the tutor for references so you can check before you hire them. You might even like to have a meeting before hand so that you can assess if the tutor is right for you.

Set Goals for the tutor

It is often the case that the relationship between parent and tutor is a friendly, informal affair. Even though it is always nice to have a chat and get on well, you have to remember that the tutor is here for the benefit of your kid. Make sure that he or she is doing the job you expect them to do, if they are not meeting your expectations it might be time to search again. If you set the tutor goals at the beginning then everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet, it’s the best way to start.

You should try to agree on the following points:

– How often will you discuss the progress being made?

– The time and location of the tutoring sessions?

– Is contact in-between the tutoring sessions ok? (if you have a problem or question to ask the tutor).

We are sure that you’ll find a great tutor for your kid. Remember that it’s your child’s learning that is at stake here so make the most informed decisions you can.