The inside track for getting the most out of your Orlando holiday

Here are some great tips for your Orlando Florida theme park holiday. These are some insights that only some people know and others will not think about before they get to Orlando. So once you’ve purchased your tickets for one of the theme parks which will most likely be the Universal Studios Tickets, it’s time to wise up and get the inside track. Read the following for an extra special time on you Orlando Florida Theme Park Holiday.

Hire Car

In America everyone has a car, there is no other way to get around! You will notice the real lack of pavements when you are out walking to go to the shop or the parks – this can make walking from A to B both hazardous and difficult. Of course there is always the option of using public transport or the shuttle busses that are provided. The only problem is that these types of transport are only worth while if you’re staying the whole time at disney – if you are staying the whole time at disney then the transport is great! But, if you want to venture outside then you’re going to need a car, that’s a guarantee.

Extra hours in the parks

If you are staying onsite with either Disney or Universal then you will get an amazing chance to start early and finish late in the parks. This is well worth the extra money, remember that these parks are busy, so being there both early and late during quiet times is perfect. Universal usually have set times for the early and late starts, whereas Disney will post the times up daily to inform their guests. If you’re staying with Universal then another huge bonus is that you will get a pass to go to the front of nearly all queues in the park – once again a fantastic offer and one you don’t want to miss.

The Food

If you are coming from the UK to America one of the first things you will notice is the difference in the food. It will most definitely not be what you are used to. The portions are bigger and there is sometimes a lack of healthy options. Of course, if you like to cut loose and eat whatever you like on your holiday then you will love all the food that is on offer. If you like to cook for yourself and keep an eye on what you eat, then you should consider hiring a self catering villa. The supermarkets are very much like the UK, so you’ll be able to find all the food you require to make yourself a great meal.