Items Needed for RVing in the Winter

RV travel in the wintertime is a little unpredictable yet very beautiful. While it is fun seeing all the sites in winter, it is a dangerous time to travel. Blizzard and storm warnings are something that you don’t want to ignore. But if you travel during this season, there are some items that you must have on hand to help you through even the worst winter storms.

Items Needed for RVing in the Winter

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is an excellent item to take with you during the winter months. It serves other important purposes outside of keeping your family pet happy. Spread it generously on your steps for traction. Even mild freezes can produce slippery steps. Having this on-hand will save you from falling. Also, if you get stuck in the snow, it will provide traction for your tires.

Water Line Insulation

The water lines need insulation to prevent damage from freezing. Add insulation on all the water pipes before temperatures dip below freezing. Like you would at home, you also need to run a small drip of water from a facet to keep the system from freezing. Work out how to install your water line insulation before it gets cold.

Window Insulation

RV windows aren’t that energy-efficient. Most of them have only a single pane and they will easily let out heat. This can cause the use of more energy and more resources, raising the need for constant fuel stops. You have several different options for insulation. You can use things like foam board, wood, or film. Make sure to seal them completely to keep out the cold air and seal any other heat escape routes.

A Skirt

An RV skirt keeps its underside warm. This is where the tanks. A rupture in the tank will end any trip quickly. If you intend on staying for a while, you should consider a heftier type of skirt. You can buy one or make your own. The important thing is to keep your Airstream Travel Trailer safe from cold temperatures.

Extra Fuel

Winter storms do knock out power in camps. This forces dependence on the generator. If you don’t have enough fuel, you are in trouble. Freezing winter weather can be unforgiving, especially if you get caught in a major storm system. This makes extra fuel an absolute necessity when venturing out into destinations that known for their tough winter seasons. Top of tanks and extra fuel cans. Burning things indoors for warmth is dangerous and could cause death. Fill up before the winter watches and warnings. Test out your generator at this time to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Packing for winter is going to take up more space. Plan your winter adventure with these necessary items. This way, you are ready for any turn in the weather.