Top 7 Cold Crusies for 2013

Many travelers who prefer to participate in active vacations decide against going on cruises because they imagine them to be little more than lazy sojourns through tropical waters. Although sipping fruity cocktails while sunning on the deck of a ship is a leisure activity that is appealing to many, others would rather spend their vacations pursuing adventurous activities. Cruises to cold places have become popular among this type of traveler, and people are choosing to embark on Alaska cruises at a higher rate now than at any time in history. Following are seven cruise options for those who want to experience a nontraditional vacation on the water.

alaskan cruise
1. Seven Night Alaskan Cruise on Celebrity Cruises

Like most Alaska cruises, this trip begins in Vancouver, Canada and sails up the coast of British Columbia and through the waters of Alaska’s famed Inside Passage. Stopping first at the historic fishing and logging town of Ketchikan, Alaska, the ship then sails north to the gold mining community of Skagway before turning south.

2. Seven Night Cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines

Those who prefer to depart on their Alaskan cruise from Seattle, Washington, can book passage on a seven night cruise on Carnival Cruises. This trip has roughly the same itinerary as the one mentioned above.

3. Seven Night Cruise on Disney Cruise Line

Families traveling together often opt for this particular cruise. This trip also departs from Vancouver, Canada, sails north to Skagway and then turns around.

4. Eleven Night Wine Cruise on Celebrity Cruise Line

Although this cruise doesn’t go as far north as Alaska, passengers get to experience a great deal of the Pacific Northwest. Wine lovers will depart from San Diego and sail north to Nanaimo, British Columbia.

5. Cruise Alaska’s Glacier Country With Inner Seas Discoveries

This seven-night cruise departs from Juneau, Alaska, and sails through the magnificent Glacier Bay. This company specializes in smaller ships and offers passengers the chance to explore off the beaten path.

6. 14-Day Ultimate Alaskan Adventure With Inner Seas Discoveries

Travelers can spend 14 days cruising through the pristine waters of southeastern Alaska. Exploring hidden coves, kayaking, wilderness treks, beach camp-outs on remote islands and whale watching are just a few of the activities available for passengers on this small ship. Departing from Juneau, this trips provides an in-depth look at the beautiful Tongass National Rain Forest.

7. Cruise the Cold Parts of the Southern Hemisphere With Expedition Trips

The north country isn’t the only part of the planet where cruisers can experience stunningly beautiful scenery and witness the natural world from a close vantage point. Cruises to the Antarctic region are available for adventurous travelers. Expedition Trips provides cruises to this area of varying lengths and itineraries. Passengers can expect to see as many as 100,000 penguins at one time and can frequently see humpback whales just a few short feet away from the decks of their ship. Travelers to the Antarctic region always return with a sense of awe about what they saw and experienced on their trip.