Mediterranean Countries You Should Visit Before You Settle Down

The Mediterranean coastline is a fantastic resource for anyone who wishes to go on an extended touring holiday. Most of the countries there, with a few obvious exceptions, are geared up for tourism.


The climate there is reliable so you can holiday with confidence in the summer. All of the countries have beautiful beaches, and the seafronts have plenty of places to stay.

If you are thinking about settling down in a year or two, I strongly advise you to tour the Mediterranean first. There are wonders to behold that you have seen on television and in books, but you should experience them with your own eyes. Maybe you are going to get married. Why not share the experience with your partner? Many people before you gave up their jobs to go in search of adventure. This country will still be here when you get back, and you can rejoin your career then.


You must plan your tour well. Here are a few things for you to think about in the early stages.


How Will You Travel?

The sea is vast, and you will not be able to stroll around the countries on the coastline. You must consider how you will travel when your holiday starts. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Rail. Most of the countries have excellent rail links. You do not need to book all of the journeys in advance, but you do need to know where the stations are that have links to your next destination. You will travel in comfort on the railways most of the time.
  • Bus or Coach. It might be a cheaper way for you to get about. It could be a crowded and uncomfortable way to travel sometimes, but you will learn how the population of any particular country lives.
  • Car Hire. European car hire companies operate in many countries, so you could drive around when you need to. The coast of a vehicle will vary depending on your location. If you want the freedom to move around as you wish, and you can afford it, car hire could be your solution.


What Will You Take?

Brave people head off with only a small backpack. There are limits to what you can take with you when you are touring, and a rucksack is the best solution to carry them. Luckily the climate is warm, so you don’t need winter gear. Pack the essentials such as underwear, hiking trousers, boots, and plenty of t-shirts. Remember your medication and toiletries. That is all you need to start with; you can pick up more things as you need them, on your travels.


Are You Insured?

Travel insurance is essential for your protection. Because you will be moving through several countries, you should speak to a specialist. Make sure that the insurance covers you for all eventualities, in all locations. It is a complicated subject, and you need the guidance of an expert.


Countries To Visit

Let’s take a look at a few counties from the northern entrance to the sea in a clockwork direction. You might be interested in some of them.



Why not start your tour with a typical holiday in Spain? You could stop and visit coastal locations, such as Alicante or Malaga, and enjoy the sun and sangria coupled with a vibrant nightlife.  Alternatively you could head inland and visit the incredible city of Madrid. Here you will find world-class museums such as the Museo del Prado and the Thyssen-Bornemisza, to see some of the best collections in Spain. The shopping there is equal to most modern cities, and you must experience the Spanish cuisine while you are there. It’s not all about beaches and booze.



If you time your journey just right, you could have a front row seat at the Monaco Grand Prix. In Monaco, you can expect to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. It isn’t a cheap place to stay, especially at that time of year. Unless you have a healthy budget, you will need to move out of the city to find accommodation that you can afford.



You must visit Italy on your vacation. Rome is a city of many wonders for you to discover. The museums house some of the most famous paintings in the world by the great masters. You’ve seen them in books; it is time to see the real thing.

A couple of thousand years ago, Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in hot ash. The people trapped there dies in the most horrific way. Archaeologists are uncovering both places, and they have become time capsules for us to explore. Everything is just as it was on that fateful day when so many lost their lives. You cannot help but feel for those people as you walk through their homes. Their bodies  decayed quickly, but the scientists made casts from the voids that they left in the ash. You can see the positions they were in when death took them.



Turkey is a huge country. Stay in the capital for a few days to experience their culture and discover the city. You will find top hotels in Istanbul with Venere to use as a base for your exploration. Turkey is famous for its high-quality yarns. They export all over the world. While you are there, watch how they produce and dye the yarn that is in such great demand.



You could conclude your journey in Egypt. It contains relics and ancient architecture that spans millennia. We all know about the great pyramids on the Giza plateau, but one can only get a feeling of their majesty when you see them with your own eyes. How they put the massive blocks of stone in place will be the subject of debate forever.

Visit the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo where some of the greatest treasures in the world are on display. Incredible things came from the Valley of the Kings, that give us an insight into the past.

There are many other countries to visit; you will need a whole year so scratch the surface of what they have to offer. I hope that you will stop off in those that I have suggested here. You will return home with a newly found wisdom and appreciation for other cultures. If that happens, you know the journey was worth it. Bon voyage my friends!