5 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

The Caribbean’s got it all: warm white sand, palm trees waving lazily in the tropical breeze, crystal turquoise waters… it’s an absolute paradise holiday! The only problem travelers might face with an upcoming trip to the Caribbean is where to spend their time, so we’re here to help solve that problem. Here are 5 of the very best places to visit and stay on a trip to the Caribbean:


Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is definitely one of the most scenic destinations in the Caribbean, but beyond that, it’s great for active travelers. It’s got some of the very best diving in the Caribbean along its gorgeous barrier reefs, as well as great hiking. There’s also a fun area called Stingray City where you can interact with the stingrays in a shallow sandbar.

st lucia

St. Lucia

This is one part of the Caribbean that truly has it all. From upscale, luxury resorts to bargain bungalows, every kind of traveler will find their ideal place to stay. The landscape varies from flat white beaches to rugged mountains and green forests. Try Bodyholiday St. Lucia for a luxurious experience on your holiday.


Aruba is a great island for young travelers, with its beautiful beaches and lively club scene. There are tons of adventurous activities to partake in here like diving and boating. The beaches are stunning, but be aware that some areas are quite expensive for lodging. It’s worth it though here!

St. Barts

It’s less touristy than the other islands here, which is a great reason to add it to your list of Caribbean destinations, as long as you have a bit of money to splurge! It’s a luxurious hideaway island covered by a lush hilly landscape leading down to the smooth beaches and aquamarine water. Celebrities have been known to visit this island so keep your eyes peeled for stars!


This island is a great choice for experiencing lively Caribbean culture as well as scoring good deals on airfare and hotels. Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae music and a wonderful place to relax and forget about the rest of the world! Find an all-inclusive resort here to make the most of your money and enjoy great food and drinks! It’s popular with honeymooners and families, as well as adventurous types who love hiking and water activities.